Amok Time

Pulling a “The Cage/The Menagerie” play, John and Ken cut the first episode they ever recorded into the 30th episode of Mission Log. Spock’s gotta have it, though what it is he will not say. But he’s gotta get to Vulcan as soon as he can in “Amok Time.”

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  • ksol1460

    How about “My Big Fat Vulcan Wedding”?
    Bluejay Young

  • Clive Blanston

    Don’t get the confusion about Spock facing the Death Penalty. Between “Court Martial” and the last TOS episode, “Turnabout Intruder”, the death penalty was forbidden unless one went to the Thellosian planet; “General Order 4” if memory serves.

  • jayoungr .

    I’m surprised no one mentioned how un-progressive Vulcan apparently is in their gender politics. Battling for possession (their word) of T’Pring?

    • Thought we mentioned it on the show, but it’s been a while since that one. In any case – yeah, not so progressive for the Vulcan. No argument there.

      • jayoungr .

        I suppose they wanted to get across the idea of Vulcan society as steeped in ancient tradition (that goes with the whole “been in my family for 2,000 years” bit as well). And at least T’Pring had the right to call for the combat herself. But the word “possession” does leap out today.

  • Paul

    Did the episode say Ponfar is every seven years or does that come from somewhere else? I thought Ponfar was just about sex. Ponfar in this episode seems more about fulfilling an arranged marriage.