Completing week three of season seven’s three sons, we say hello to an old enemy and a new offspring. The Ferengi Bok is back to take revenge on Picard. Picard killed Bok’s son, now Bok will kill Picard’s son. Wait… Picard has a son? It looks like it. It is a father and son outing when we put Bloodlines in the Mission Log.

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  • Pete2174

    Clever idea this one. Not the greatest S7 but certainly no Sub Rosa. Can’t believe we’re so close to sayIng Farewell to the Enterprise D crew.

  • CmdrR

    The site’s on-deck list now includes “All Good Things.” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

    • Dave Steph Taylor

      Agreed. Watchable but forgettable

  • Dave Steph Taylor

    Found this one pretty watchable if forgettable

  • JasonCMcLean

    To answer the not answered question, the Cardassian War ended officially with a peace treaty one year before the season 4 episode The Wounded takes place. Picard mentions it in his log at the beginning. These other treaties are just building on the first one, I guess.

  • Burstingfoam

    The sequel that more or less nobody (except, I gather, Patrick Stewart) was asking for. Actually, I rather like this one, especially as I’m rather fond of The Battle (it was one of the first two episodes, alongside Lonely Among Us) that I ever saw of TNG, on the rental videos that were released in the UK). And if nothing else, the line about hairlines makes the whole thing worth watching.
    Solid. I will hold that season 7 has more decent (if not all time greats) episodes than it is credited with. I even like the next one.

  • John Anderton

    Another boring soap opera. Clearly, they are trying to let us down easy.

    I guess that is a good thing.

  • nightseraph

    Guys.. in the future I’d hope effective birth control for men would exist. Its not just going to be a female thing forever.

    • Dave Steph Taylor

      Without getting graphic, this means that Picard was not wearing any protection, (or that it failed)

  • Derwood

    You forget that Damon Bok also had to research Picard’s complete sexual history, find a lady that had gotten pregnant at about the same time, had a son with no identifiable father, was dead or could be made dead, and THEN start with the dna convrrsion. This was more Boys From Brazil than Wrath of Kahn.