Bread and Circuses


Bread and Circuses

Kirk, Spock and McCoy trace the lost spaceship The Beagle to a planet a lot like Earth. But on this planet, the Roman Empire never fell. Join John and Ken in the arena as we put Bread and Circuses in the Mission Log.

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  • Will Wright

    But – just exactly how did they know about about the 5th Planet from Earth’s Sun ?

  • Did you know that “The Children of the Sun/Son” lived in the Batcave ?

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    There was an unofficial sequel to this in a Next Generation novel, Captain’s Honor, where the Nova Roma people made it into space, and Picard faced his opposite number, Sejanus – the same name of a character Patrick Stewart played in the BBC miniseries I, Claudius 🙂

  • gizmochimp

    I like to assume that the “Son/Sun of God” is actually one of the surviving crew members of the Beagle who saw an opportunity and began teaching the “gospel”.

  • Jason Williams

    (sitting in the corner and smirking to myself while you guys are forced to discuss faith again)