Charlie X


Charlie X

Working an equation where X = an adolescent male who’s never seen another living person. Throw in superhuman powers and there’s a real problem to address on this week’s Mission Log!

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  • Will Wright

    What happens in the turbolift stay’s in the turbolift ? See Kirk’s shirt change !

  • Trivia : 1967 – When James Blish adapted Star Trek’s scripts into “short stories” novels, this Episode was the 1st to be written, and was titled “Charlie’s Law.”
    A total of 7 Episodes were adapted in Volume One.
    Sales of these books were strong despite the poor review.

  • Coupon: The Movie

    I think you’re right about the “poor little rich kid” analogy. I didn’t understand that being from the South where pretty much everyone’s poor but then I moved to Los Angeles and for a year, I was able to live in one of the very elitist suburbs just outside the Valley were everyone’s kids acted like Charlie but even more unlikable and arrogant. Now when I watch this episode, it makes me think of that kid in Santa Barbara that went on a shooting spree a year or two ago. He was a rich kid who’s parents gave him everything material wise but absolutely no guidance or emotional support. He was Charlie X with an assault rifle instead of super powers.

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    The image of that crewman without a face haunted me as a child. Definite Kindertrauma material 🙂

  • Just 4 you John- The CBS / Columbia House VHS title card.