Elaan of Troyius


Elaan of Troyius

Kirk and crew are playing taxi to Elaan from Elas and an ambassador from Troyius. Their mission: get everyone safely from point A to point B. Sounds easy, right? Now add in Elaan’s near-barbarism, a bit of sabotage, and hostile Klingon ship. Can Kirk civilize Elaan, evade the Klingons and keep the Enterprise from blowing up? Find out as we put Elaan of Troyius in the Mission Log.

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  • Gene C. Fedderly

    Obviously, you got jacked up by a few people for not mentioning Kolchak in your “Wink of an Eye” podcast and made up for it here. 😉

  • August

    You spent a lot of time wondering over the sudden coming to life of Elaan during the meal scene. It wasn’t an acting trick inspired by eating. On this day of shooting France Nuyen had just heard that Kennedy had been assassinated, and she had been a devoted supporter of him. She was able to pour her anger into the role after this.