The Love Boat cast


Lido Deck episode 1

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Lido Deck: A Love Boat Podcast. In today’s episode: a young woman is haunted by a photograph from her past, Captain Stubing is haunted by his ex-wife and the prospect of marriage haunts a loving couple. All that and more when we examine “The Captain & The Lady/One if by Land/Centerfold” on today’s Lido Deck!

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  • Miles Gordon

    Brilliant! This is a lot of work for a 4/1 episode. Love it.

  • Joe TPirate

    You guys slay me. Well done!!!

  • Wildride

    So, Don Adams was on 5 times with Bernie Kopell. Marion Ross was on 14 times, Charo and Florence Henderson 10 times each and 7 people with 8 appearances, including Arte Johnson who is the most frequent male guest. That excludes the mermaids who made 19 appearances, Teri Hatcher being the most prominent.

  • Let’s have episode 2 next year.

  • Michael Richmond

    I’m waiting patiently for Kolchak, I’ll read my copy of “Kitten Magazine” while I wait, lol.

  • CmdrR

    Kirk insane; Picard boring; Stubing just right. Got it.

    • And just overall there were fewer theme nights on the Lido deck.

  • Reese

    Oh. Haven’t listened yet, but I thought it was gonna be “Moonlighting” next or “on the side”– even watched several of the first episodes. (Well, re-watched, as it was ritual for our division on the USS California back when the show was new.)

  • Judie Liri

    So… no second Lido Deck episode… I’m not surprised but… am disappointed.
    …. Not even on special holidays like Valentine’s or Passover (When the family at Seder send reproachful looks at the old bachelorette – because I’m not a spinster, so suck it family!) ?

    • Well, plenty of holidays coming up. You never know…

      • Pancho planet

        Good thing April 1 comes just once a year! Lol.

    • William Smith

      Arbor Day has been very special to me, as has National Tuba Day. Maybe we can talk John into something to commemorate one of those fine days. 😉

      • I have a longstanding commitment on every National Tuba Day.

      • Judie Liri

        Did you hear the one about the kid who learns to play Tuba?
        First week he learns the note C;
        Second week he learns the note F;
        Third week he gives a concert.

        It’s funnier in context: when you tell it to tuba players.

  • Dave Steph Taylor

    For a April’s Fools Day that was a lot of work.

    • Labor of love.

      • William Smith

        It was more like a labor of tolerance on your part, wasn’t it, John? Tolerance for Dan and me? lol

        • I tend to think of it more like community service.

  • Tada !