Episode 249: Inheritance

Did you know Data has a mom? Yeah, neither did Data. She is aboard the Enterprise, looking to share with him and make up for lost time. But the two of them have more in common than even she realizes. Also, a planet is going to blow up or stop spinning or something. Truth and truths in this week’s show, when we put Inheritance in the Mission Log.

Episode 248: Force of Nature

Some people say you can’t train a cat, but that doesn’t stop Data from trying to outwit Spot. Some people also say that warp drive is destroying a little stretch of the galaxy while others are saying “unh unh, prove it!” A couple of Hekarans, Rabal and Serova, set out to do exactly that which means Starfleet could be moving a lot slower from now on. Force of Nature goes into the Mission Log.

Episode 247: Attached

Welcome to Kesprytt III, home to the Kes and the Prytt. The Kes seem nice, but they’re actually a little too paranoid and devious for the Federation. The Prytt seem sort of xenophobic, but they’re actually incredibly xenophobic. Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher are lost on Kesprytt III, though it is not just their situation that binds them. A couple of Prytt implants are giving the couple a peek into each other’s thoughts and feelings. What will they find? Where will it lead them? And how will they get back to the Enterprise? Find out when we put Attached into the Mission Log.

Episode 246: Dark Page

The Cairn are a telepathic race looking to join the Federation, and helping them to learn spoken language is Lwaxana Troi. When she opens their minds, her own secrets start to come to the surface forcing her to relive deep, personal pain. Deanna is there to help, but her mother’s secret hits very close to home. Dark Page is next on Mission Log.