Programming note – July 6, 2017

July 5, 2017

Just a quick note to let you all know that Mission Log will be on a short hiatus for the first week of July. We will return on July 13 with double the android danger in the two-parter “Descent” and “Descent Part II.” Thank you for listening – see you in a week!

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  • CmdrR
  • Pete2174

    I guess I’ve waited this long for your review/opinion on these episodes another week won’t matter….

    Just interested in seeing if our opinions are the same or not…

  • Bill Thomas

    I can’t believe that you’re this close to season 7!

    Then I’ll be watching Star Trek (DS9) that I’ve never seen before. Whoa!

    • Pete2174

      Don’t forget the TNG moviesand I’m sure there’ll be a review of the whole series before DS9. The first few seasons should be in interest listen!!!

  • gizmochimp

    Looking forward to Descent. Not one of my favorite episodes but features one of my favorite TNG villains in Crosis. He is suuuuper creepy and well played by Brian Cousins.

  • Roger Birks

    Everyone needs a break sometimes. You’ve done blimin’ great with the podcasts.

    I hope they will be listened to for many years to come as they are really good quality, even quite professional, but still fun as well. I look forward to the future, not sure whether I envy, or shudder, at your task ahead.

    Be warned – You’ll be doing the podcasts with false teeth by the time you reach the ‘present’!

  • I hope hugh had a descent week off.

    • Pete2174

      I’m sure John and Ken had the best of both worlds…

      • A whole collective of Borg jokes. Well done, fellas.

    • hahahahhahahaha

  • If anybody deserves a break, it’s you guys.

  • I am gonna tear that episode apart…pure crap….

    • Pete2174

      I shall keep my powder dry until after I’ve heard what the mission log gents have to say however I suspect opinions will be similar.