Programming Note – November 23, 2017

November 21, 2017

This Thursday, November 23, Mission Log will take a break from our regular weekly schedule while we celebrate Thanksgiving.

We wish all our friends and listeners happy holidays if you celebrate, or happy fourth-Thursday-of-November if you don’t.

Your Mission Log will return on Thursday, November 30th at 12am PST with “Genesis.” Watch this space for an upcoming announcement about the return of Mission Log Live!

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  • CmdrR

    But but but… Aw, OK. I guess you guys deserve a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your roasted Heart of Targ and the blessings of family!

  • Pete2174

    Happy Turkey day folks!!!

    • DataMat

      Do americans have two Turkey dinners then?

      Or do they have Beef at Christmas?

      • CmdrR

        Turkey is a dry boring bird. That’s why we only eat it as a main dish at Thanksgiving. Sometimes, it shows up at Christmas. Otherwise, it’s processed and used for lunchmeat.

        • DataMat

          I think it is how it is cooked. A lot of people overcook Turkey because of fears of food poisoning and so on. Cooked right, Turkey can be a lovely meat. I like it anyway. Love Christmas dinner! And the Christmas buffets that follow too!

        • Bryant Burnette

          If my mother or grandmother was cooking it, I’d eat turkey every day.

  • CmdrR

    Thanksgiving weekend with the family. I’m trying to watch ‘This Side of Paradise,’ but the daughters want to play ‘Amok Time.’