Space Seed

Before there was the wrath of Khan, there was Khan. Discussion of eugenics, tyranny and abusive relationships: so much grows when we plant “Space Seed” in the Mission Log.

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  • Home Video History Trivia: This was the 1st TOS Episode to be released via retail direct sell -through video as a stand alone one off in order to promote Star Trek II.

    • Even more rare than the VHS cassette pictured above is the Betamax version. Here: A behind the scenes pic:

    • Tegan Bigone

      What an awkward picture.

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    How do you guys feel about retconning? It was pretty well established that the Eugenics Wars took place in the 1990s, the future as far as this 60s episode was concerned, but passe for us now. And there have been numerous books and other attempts to retcon this into some sort of “secret war”/”secret history”, presumably so that we can still see all of this as happening in “our” world.
    But really, is that necessary? Can’t we just let this be a parallel world? A reflection of our own, an ideal to strive for, the way the Mirror Universe is one to avoid?

    • There’s good retconning and bad retconning. Some of it is just clever little nods to the audience to indicate that the writer knows he/she is filling a gap, and that’s cool. When it gets to the point of having to create long and involved acrobatics to try to make everything fit, it’s usually at the expense of story. We’d rather just see a good story and, if a particular historical event from 1999 didn’t happen, so be it.

  • Jason Williams

    I love this episode but I do have 2 gripes – one – I would have loved to have seen Shatner and Montelban face off a bit more (but of course that is taken care of later) and two – I grow tired of “let’s show this person who we know nothing of all of our top secret information”. Come on, Kirk – we know you are smarter than that.

    Love the show – someday I will catch up to you.

    • And just think – with all that facing off Kirk and Khan did in the movie, Shatner and Montalban never worked the same days on set.
      Oh you’ll catch up, but we’ll keep making more…

      • Jason Williams

        Looking forward to it. 😉

  • Robert Hackett

    Did anyone else think it odd that Dr. McCoy kept a tray of VERY SHARP medical instruments on a tray where a patient could just reach out and grab one?

  • The painted artwork 1st seen / used on the CED release in the US was re-used for the VHS/Betamax release in Europe. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6df005744d7a60dc69748fe169fc18220118e62c3da90c1e61b1e6e1bc354b7.jpg