Star Trek VI


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

The last flight of the original crew is full of deep topics and high adventure. The Klingon Empire is collapsing. Some want to let it, though it falls to Captain Kirk of all people to make sure the empire survives. But forces are working against peace between the Klingons and the Federation on both sides. Mystery! Court drama! A prison break! And best of all – a WORKING Enterprise. We are putting Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in the Mission Log.

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  • Guest

    Cast photo as seen on the cover of the Official Fan Club Magazine and the Graphic Novel Cover

  • Will Wright

    Official cast photo as seen in the Fan Club Magazine and the Graphic Novel Cover

  • Tegan Bigone

    I like that this farewell of the original crew also gave a nod and tribute, not just to Kirk’s son David, but to the actor Merritt Butrick who had died just two years earlier.

    • Behind the scenes pic

      • John Champion – In regards to your comments about the cast “aging” and really looking older in this film – keep in mind two things. 1) Even though it’s been only 12 years since “The Motion Picture” ( Dec 79) and this movie ( Dec 91)- in term of the timeline – the events in “TMP” “happened” a mere 2 years after “All Out Yesterdays” in TOS – in 2272, and “STVI:TUC” takes place late in 2293 – almost 22 years after “TMP.” That film it is said – was the start of another 5-year mission.
        2) Director Nicholas Meyer
        set the events of Star Trek II in 2285 – because he wanted the on screen characters to more closely match the actors true ages – and he wanted to show them as a middle-aged crew ( giving Kirk glasses, etc). It’s why we got the line “there’s a man out there I haven’t seen in over 15 years trying to Kill me…” Personally that why I think the crew looks older here – because of the director wanting it to be that way.

  • This was easily one of best produced teaser trailer of the series:

  • Ken Quick

    Regarding those clocks all over the bridge: Continuity NIGHTMARE.

  • Nice cover art for the 50th Anniversary Blu-ray re-issue release…..

    • I’ve seen a lot of comments from people unhappy about this artwork (and the similar look for the TNG movie set). I don’t think it’s bad, but I wonder what the inspiration was for this style.

      • WOW – rare when anyone stumps me, cause I did not know that, and I do not know.

  • Lauralee von Husen Albert

    Just as you mentioned in the podcast, I got a little teary-eyed at the end of the movie. I really liked that they ended on a movie like this that had all the elements of a great episode of Star Trek, why not end with what we all fell in love with them for. Sad to see the end of the original crew (you know, in total) but I’m soooo happy to finally get to TNG!!

  • Gene C. Fedderly

    Close Ken, but no cigar. Ali McGraw, not Jane Fonda, in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.

    • Good interview – Nick is always insightful talking about his own work.