The Corbomite Maneuver


The Corbomite Maneuver

A scary looking alien gives the Enterprise a lot of grief, but Kirk has a way out. Going into the Mission Log, it’s “The Corbomite Maneuver”.

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  • It’s believed by some podcaster’s that this episode is metaphor 4 the 5 stages of 50 shades of something that had not yet been coined at the time in which it was filmed and produced. Ironically – as fate would hate it – K├╝bler-Ross suffered a series of strokes in 1995 which left her
    partially paralyzed on her left side and ended up living in a wheelchair, (much like a former Captain of the Enterprise ) – slowly
    waiting for death to come, and found it to be an unbearable suffering, and therefore wished to be
    able to determine her own time of death. You see Timmy – when trying the power of illusion , little Balok totally used the wrong sock puppet head . Just where o where is a Talosian when you need one? “You now have six minutes!”

    • Speaking of which, according to this 1995 Skybox card – the name of Balok’s ship is the SS Fesarius

      • Canadian liberal

        But it IS the Fesarius…???

  • Canadian liberal

    What scene was cut or edited when Sulu counts down “One minute. I knew he would.” He knew WHO would say/do WHAT???