The Doomsday Machine


The Doomsday Machine

The Enterprise encounters an obsessed commodore and a planet eating device. It’s a cornucopia of destruction when we put “The Doomsday Machine” in the Mission Log.

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  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Such an awesome, action packed episode, even before it had been remastered. My lingering quibble with it is the contrived way Decker was allowed to take command of the Enterprise. Come on, McCoy, you found the man slumped down, crying and ranting on his own ship! How can that not be evidence of mental incapacity, however temporary? (I know, I know, if it wasn’t for that we’d have had a shorter episode)

  • Arvis Jaggamar

    – FIRST OBSERVATION: I love how willing McCoy was to abuse his power for the sake of getting rid of a senior officer he didn’t like. I did NOT love how Sulu adopted a “I’m just following orders” stance. I expected better. Nobody on that bridge should have been listening to that jerkwad.

    – Wait a minute… where WAS Uhura?? I fully expect an explanation here.
    Crap, no explanation.

    – No Chekhov in this one either. Hmm. I guess they gave the week off to a few people?

    – I knew you guys would go after that “They say there’s no Devil” line. I don’t think I ever would have paid any attention to it if it weren’t for The Mission Log. And I love that. This podcast has completely changed the way that I view, not only Star Trek, but ALL television.
    As for Christians who don’t believe in the Devil, it’s a very human thing to call yourself something that you aren’t. The term “Christian” has honestly reached the same vernacular levels as a term like “philosopher”; a person can call themselves one, but by any objective measure (or as close to objective as we can get) they really don’t qualify. This could probably go for all religions.
    Fortunately for them, for myself, and all of us, I don’t get to decide one way or the other what a person is or is not. Phooey.

    – Loved the talk of Scotty’s attitude in this episode. Shades of Tony Shalhoub in Galaxy Quest. 😛

    – Matt Decker’s Crisis Management, an excerpt:

    – I guess that doesn’t qualify as “an excerpt” if it’s the whole book…

    – YES! “I found the one quite sufficient” I was so thinking that was a purposeful reference to Who Mourns For Adonais! The script of The Doomsday Machine compared its Big Bad to the Devil, and then Kirk said THAT LINE about it. I feel very comfortable saying that this is intentional. And they really lingered on the line, too.

    – Ken, I am completely with you when you say that the “ship shaking” antics with the actors falling all over the place felt “more real” in the episode. I was specifically taking notice of that, especially when Scotty and Kirk activated the engines on the Constellation. I could almost feel the Gs they were struggling to move against. I completely bought it.