The Last Outpost


The Last Outpost

The Enterprise is chasing a Ferengi vessel. What is a Ferengi? Exactly. Small and scheming or big and bad? Find out when we put The Last Outpost in the Mission Log.

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  • As seen in Dec 87 ( Issue 59) of The Official Fan Club Magazine –

  • surprised there aren’t any Tom Hardy/Stargazer series pitches.

  • laser whips…lol

  • Michael Richmond

    And… we get to hear Ken practicing for his cheerleading career in the beginning of this podcast. 😉

  • Gary C.

    Angela who, now?

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  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    The Ferengi. Oh my. Such a misfire, not about creating a new species itself, but in creating a potential replacement threat now that the Klingons have been defanged. I am reminded of an anecdote about the making of Roger Corman’s “classic” scifi movie It Conquered the World. The FX guy had created the cucumber-like Venusian monster costume, thinking that a creature from a high-gravity world would be short and squat. Then one of the actresses saw the monster, walked up to it, said, “Gonna try and take over my world, huh?” – and promptly kicked it over. Lesson Du Jour: credible alien threats should be at least our height. Unless they’re spiders. Spiders win all arguments no matter their size.