The Schizoid Man


The Schizoid Man

Dr. Ira Graves is a genius with an ingenious idea: transfer his consciousness into a computer. What could possibly go wrong? Well, he has this idea in the Star Trek universe, so probably a lot could go wrong. Throw in a fair maiden, an unexpected android, and the 1701-D, and you are putting The Schizoid Man in the Mission Log.

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  • VaguelyInappropriateLibrarian

    Without spoiling anything, a character in a recent TNG novel (David Mack’s “The Cold Equations: Persistence of Memory”) succeeds where Graves failed (not using Data’s body, obviously), and we follow that story over a number of years. So someone in the Trekverse is living the dream, Ken!

  • Near warp transport ? What silliness. They could have completed transport than gone to warp. Also how about separating the saucer section or shuttlecraft?!?!

  • Wow W Morgan Sheppard is still alive !!! 83!!!!

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Seeing how they just hand out planets to guys like Graves, Adams, Manheim and others to do whatever they want without any oversight or reports to be filled, I’d like to petition the Federation to give me a planet where I can work in peace to finally finish my novel…

    • I for one would just like a place where I could store my collectibles. Can you petition the Federation for that?

      • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

        I’m sure I saw a Kickstarter campaign somewhere to raise the petition fees. I think the guy running the campaign was named Quack, or Quirk.

        You think one planet will be enough for you?