We'll Always Have Paris


We’ll Always Have Paris

A lost love of Captain Picard’s ends up on the Enterprise. It could be a chance for Picard to correct an old wrong, though there are a couple of problems. First – she is married. Second – experiments run by her husband are threatening the space/time continuum. Are three Datas better than one? Find out when we put We’ll Always Have Paris in the Mission Log.

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  • The Menu from that small Parisian restaurant in this episode….

    • I consider myself to have a refined and varied palate, but there are things on that menu I wouldn’t touch.

      • LOL- Yeah, well, as the author said – the strain of producing hundreds of graphics for weeks on end on TNG was clearly beginning to take it’s toll on the art dept. staff.

    • Muthsarah

      Late to the party (though I do have a soft spot for this episode), but this graphic is just beautiful. Also, I could understand most of it. So now I feel smart!

  • Sheev Palpatine

    How did the Holodeck know to create a stood-up female for Picard?

    • wry observer of folly

      I’m sorry Dave. I cannot tell you that.

    • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

      I suspect it was a coincidence. The computer may have a feature where it creates interesting characters for users to interact with, proverbial icebreakers tailored to the environment and the user(s). When Riker conjured up the jazz club in a previous episode, had the Bynars not created Minuet as a distraction, the icebreakers might have come from the jazz musicians or the bartender.
      And Paris with its romantic reputation would include someone who might have been stood up.

  • Robert Hackett

    Here is another rewatch courtesy of BBC America. Most of the points I wanted to mention were mentioned in the podcast, but I would like to make a few comments.

    1. I cannot believe no one mentioned the holodeck character Picard talks to named Gabrielle, played by Isabel Lorca. I don’t want to get crude, but I thought I was watching a soft core porn movie. Her “top” was one of the most revealing articles of clothing in a mainstream tv show I have ever seen. I am shocked that got approved.

    2. Jenice Manheim makes a mention of Picard’s cab being late as a joke about why he did not show up. This is another thing that bothers me about Star Trek. Does everyone use transporters to get around or is it reserved for special occasions? Are there still cabs in this time frame? And with no money, how does one compensate the cabbie, or is it all automated?

    3. Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Manheim is stark raving mad, even after time is “fixed”. I cannot see any positive qualities that would lead Jenice to marry this guy. And, he wants to go back to his experiments? No Doc, you are going to a padded cell and your research is going to be declared top secret.

    4. Dr Crusher looks at an unconscious Dr Manheim, makes a weird comment about how special he is, and lovingly strokes his face with a look of longing on her face. Did this not creep anyone out? I was taken aback by this action. Am I a prude? Reverse the genders and tell me that would not be a violation and inappropriate.

    Another overall “Meh” episode.