What Are Little Girls Made Of?


What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Ancient robot technology and a brilliant but misguided scientist leave Kirk, Chapel and the crew of the Enterprise in a lurch. “What are Little Girls Made of?” We’ll find out on this week’s Mission Log!

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  • Will Wright

    I know this sound ,er rather strange, but – when they beam down to the planet- I dare you to watch this episode in Black & White and forget you ever saw it in color. I know what your thinking – sounds crazy – since those lighting guys obviously went out of their way to add as much color to an “underground” set as possible ( the color seen here really pops at times ) however – just take my word for it. This episode works best as if you reversed the whole Wizard of Oz – color when they get to Oz process. Starting in color and switching to b&w -The episode takes on more of a Thriller / Twilight Zone feel – and it just works.

    • I remember how – while watching The Six Million Dollar Man – the robot w/ out his face mask – while maybe seen as cheesy today – managed to scared me when I was a kid. This episode not only didn’t do that – and it could have been a real scare – ( again thinking of many Twilight Zone episodes ) cause in many ways it just on big epic fail. Had Kirk only punched Kirby’s his face mask off – the reveal could have been way more dramatic.

  • Coupon: The Movie

    God, Andrea was beautiful. I remember seeing this when i was probably about five and thinking “Yeah, i like girls. They’re pretty and soft.”.

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Another great podcast, guys, and you got me thinking when you discussed Korby’s reaction to revealing his discoveries to Starfleet and the Federation at large. Now it occurred to me: given what we learn of him at the end of the episode, and what we know about the Federation’s attitude to artificial intelligence up to the time of Data: what if Korby was worried that he wouldn’t be seen as a sentient being, a pale imitation of the once-living Korby, and that not only would he lose his claim to the Exo discoveries, but his rights?

    (I know, probably putting more thought into it than Bloch did :-))

  • @MLhostJohn:disqus Did TV’s 1ST interracial kISS happen – B4 IT happened?