WIN the USS Franklin from Eaglemoss!

June 5, 2017

Our latest giveaway – the USS Franklin Special Edition from Eaglemoss!

This beautiful die-cast, hand-painted model is 8″ long and comes with a display stand and collectors’ magazine detailing the ship’s design and history. Available exclusively from Eaglemoss, the USS Franklin is an officially licensed collectible.

One lucky Mission Log listener can win this amazing replica by simply leaving a comment on this page in the section below. All entries must be posted before midnight on June 22. We will choose a winner at random on Friday, June 23, 2017.

Good luck!

For more information about this model, visit Eaglemoss.

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  • JusenkyoGuide

    PLEASE! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!

    Oh, comment. ~_^

  • Trido99

    This is a comment. 🙂

  • Cosmo Moore

    @picards__fish thinks that would look nice in the ready room.

  • William Cole

    Enter me to win

  • gizmochimp

    So cool!!!

  • Andrew

    Such a beautiful model, the only thing I am worried about if I win, is where do I put it…i need a bigger house.

  • Richard New

    Do you think Picard ever flew his Stargazer around the Ready Room?

  • nathankc

    Liking the distressed wash on the hull plating

  • Joseph L. Rossmiller

    NX-326, a fitting tribute to Nimoy. See, I even listen to the trivial parts of the podcast!

  • huachiman

    Awesome sauce!

  • Fanboy

    Does Ken know that “Ken Ray” spelled backward is “Yarnek” ?

  • Ross Andrew James Webster

    I only enter Star Trek competitions!

  • Alan S

    Franklin, my dear – I do give a damn!

  • Cliff Goniea

    Now that’s a starship I can imagine commanding!

  • Luke F

    Great Podcast, really liked the last supplemental.

  • Daniel Sample

    Awesome looking ship.

  • Pustulio


  • Joseph Fuerte

    Cool looking model! Love the podcast, been listening since day 1!

  • Ian Kisluk

    Awesome!! The Franklin is sooooo cool!

  • Mason Lowry

    I just got fully caught up on Mission Log after starting in 2015. Thanks for all you guys do.

  • Michael Williams

    Love how in Beyond they brought back Jefferies’ design in the USS Franklin.

  • Steven Lee

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Roger McCoy

    I’m here for the Franklin, but I’d be happy to be here in any case.

  • Rick Tetrault

    This is a clear admission that I can be bought, and even though I have known for many years that I do, in fact, have a price for just about anything, I am frequently appalled at how low that price usually is. Oh, Yay Star Trek!!!

  • Silverdoe25

    Winning would be keen, but really, I want to thank John and Ken for my favorite podcast.

  • Eric Johnson

    Truly unique opportunity from a truly unique podcast.

  • David J. Brown Jr.

    Beam me up John & Ken

  • Loudestenemy

    What an awesome looking ship!

  • Carlos Valverde

    Help usher in that post-scarcity Star Trek future and replicate me that fine looking starship! Love Mission Log!!!

  • Chris Powers

    “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Oops, wrong Franklin! Love the podcast; keep up the good work, John and Ken!

  • Christopher Settle

    my favorite podcast named Mission Log!

  • Christopher Bower

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see you guys in vegas!

  • rizulli

    I’m still confused how the Franklin has a higher NX number than the NX-01 given the timelines.

  • Larry Friedman

    This Franklin model will look great on my desk at work.

  • Tim

    Is it a bloody A,B,C or D?

  • Dane Booth

    Oh nice! Pick me and I’ll name my dog John and/or Ken. But not Rod…never Rod

  • DocGratis

    I canna make us win captain, but seein as you need a miracle, I could try a cold-restart of the random number generator…

  • wry observer of folly

    Sweet ride.

  • Robert Carver

    I love my Franklin Star Trek Starship Collection! The USS Franklin would be a welcome addition to my “Star Fleet!” It took me a little bit of time to come to terms with the design of the Franklin. It has grown on me and I really like it. I hope I win this puppy so I can take her out for a spin in the Solar System.

  • Ryan Ryder
  • Russ Peloquin

    That’s an awesome looking model! And you guys put on a truly entertaining and enlightening podcast bringing Star Trek into the real world. In my case, as I mentioned prior, bringing it to my first half marathon race as well!

  • Phil Mcp


  • Dwayne Auernheimer


  • I love the Franklin. I love how also how Justin Lin named it after his father Frank Lin. And how they would all be together to watch TOS as a family. I’m looking forward to the day when Ken and John finally do their discussion about Star Trek Beyond in approx 2021. After that I am all for that Kojak the Night Stalker podcast or even the Moonlighting one.

  • Ben Greet

    Great competition! Crossing my fingers now.

  • John Medwyn Jones

    She is one sexy ship <3

  • Kasey Kieta

    Ken and John, you guys rock. It’s been a joy to rewatch these Trek series with you and to listen along with you both on all your analytic journeys. Really looking forward to embarking on the grand adventure to DS9 with you some time next year. Though there may be tears in the weeks and months to come as we voyage through the strange new worlds of TNG’s final days, thank you in advance for all the laughs as well.

  • M Priddy

    Sign me up.

  • findlayboy

    Ship? You mean Jaylah’s house?

  • Adam Sloman

    Lovely looking model!

  • Craig Nash

    Are they bi focals or quad focals on nacells?😝

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    Very nice

  • Len Frechette

    I love the detail that Eagle Moss puts into their ships. I would proudly display this on my bookshelf.

  • Tim

    What a special special!

  • Andrew Puterbaugh

    That paint job is just awesome

  • Sugar Skull Pete

    simply leaving a comment on this page

  • Sean

    Ah, old friend.

  • Ian Adams

    Love the ship. Hope to see you in Vegas!

  • Artie Adams

    This Comment Intentionally Left Blank.

  • Kasia Crowley

    Be still, my heart!

  • Scott Tarrant

    That that is is, that that is not is not, that that is not is not that that is.

  • Erika

    One please!

  • Tim Pelletier

    That’s a great looking ship!

  • Joe Horn

    I love the detail on these little guys, and that is by far one of my favorite ships from J.J.Trek.

  • Jason8957

    Original and pithy comment.

  • mc900

    The Franklin is one of the few really good things to come out of Beyond.
    It would be great on my desk.

  • Michael Rupert

    You guys are the greatest…

  • Steve Peters

    Wow, this is my first time taking a close look at the Eaglemoss ships; they really are beautifully detailed!

  • JGG1701 .

    It would be a wonderful wecome to my Star Trek collection. 🙂