WIN this Kataan probe replica!

February 21, 2017


We’re pleased to announce a giveaway of the very latest prop replica from Roddenberry Entertainment: the Kataan probe pendant worn by Eline in “The Inner Light.”


• 1:1 Scale Replica
• Handcrafted in the USA
• Precious metals and jewelry-grade components, aged by hand
• Designed in collaboration with the fan community

The Kataan probe pendant serves as a lynchpin of the story, bridging the fading memory of Picard’s life as captain of the Enterprise to his new life as the Ressikan ironweaver Kamin. The object, which bears the same form as the probe from the planet Kataan that Picard had recently encountered on the bridge of his ship, shocks and confuses him when he sees it around his wife Eline’s neck, setting the stage for the mysteriously shifting realities of an episode that would become an all-time fan favorite.


One lucky Mission Log listener can win this amazing replica by simply leaving a comment on this page in the section below. All entries must be posted before midnight on March 9. We will choose a winner at random on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Good luck!

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  • Derek Martz

    Is it really this simple?

  • Eli Cohen

    You guys are the best! Loved Ken’s idea that the whole episode Schisms was Ryker’s dream, because otherwise, the episode doesn’t make sense.

  • JusenkyoGuide

    Really? Well then, make it so!

  • Carlos Valverde

    The Lido Deck podcast should do a similar giveaway.

  • William Cole

    Enter me to win!

  • Guro Sylliåsen Lein

    Hi. I just want to say that i love your show, and I look forward to listening to it every week. Thank you for being my “Star Trek pals”.

  • Sam Myers

    Thanks guys!

  • Chad Postma

    I nearly named my son Kamin. We ended up with Garak.

  • Eric Scott

    Probably one of the top 5 episodes of TNG.

  • Richard New

    It’s a beautiful piece from a beautiful episode.

  • Cliff Goniea

    I’ll comment for half a chance!

  • Matt

    I love nerdy things that you can get away with wearing in your everyday attire!

  • Amy

    Beautiful pendant and my favorite podcast! I look forward to Thursday’s all week!

  • Erin Tavano

    I like how it looks like a wireless router

  • Randall Flagg

    *Insightful comment*

  • Silverdoe25

    Can’t wait for people to ask me, “What’s that?” 🙂

  • Pustulio

    Drawing is right after my birthday, perfect timing

  • Wes

    Great giveaway!

  • Dishkitty Studio

    What a cool pendant. Thanks!

  • rizulli

    I formally enter this contest!

  • Susan Romaine Stacey

    I would please like to enter the contest! Loving listener for over a year and listened to every single podcast 💓

  • Rick Tetrault

    I just hope it doesn’t make me live 50 years every time I put it on.

  • Jeff S

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

  • Android Galespy

    Make it so number one !

  • Kaela Cipolone

    Your podcast made my pregnancy much more bearable. Thanks for making my favorite podcast. I’d love the necklace.

  • timkotora

    This fall I drove through Alabama and Mississippi and into Georgia, several thousand miles alone. Except for Mission Log. Used that travel time to start with Episode 1 and get caught up. Thanks, John and Ken

  • Christopher Bower

    Love the show, and looking forward to Vegas in August!

  • wry observer of folly

    How does one comment when one is lost for words? 🙂

  • Alan S

    Now there’s an alien probe I wouldn’t mind getting!

  • Dan Stern

    Awesome, a physical manifestation of the episode I can never forget. Want!

  • Frakkin Toaster

    Hey Trek pals, I never win anything!

  • Joseph L. Rossmiller

    Love the show. Is it Thursday yet?

  • Brent Williams II

    Love the show. Love the running jokes. Awesome.

  • Ben Greet

    Love the show, it goes well with my study of Trek. Currently on my second listen through all of the shows… Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Duncan Barrett

    My favourite podcast. Keep up the good work!

  • Dan Less

    What a great idea! That would look lovely around my wife’s neck. Can you buy them?

  • EmptyJay

    Very neat idea!

  • Andrew

    Love this! I hope you will make the Catspaw Enterprise pendant some day.

  • Michael Morrisson

    I’m in!

  • S.

    Rollin the dice…

  • Stephen Gower

    Woohoo! An episode I never fully appreciated as a youth, but have grown to really love as an adult. Would be sweet to have a piece of it.

  • Thomas Edward

    Chance at free stuff! Awesome looking free stuff.

  • Gregory Mansfield

    Very nice looking

  • Jennifer Vriens

    Will Jean Luc marry me?

  • ScottW

    This would go quite well with my fob watch.

  • James Miller

    These are really cool. Would love to win one

  • My birthday is March 10th. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Whoever wins the contest should send in a video with their re-enactment of Picard/Kamin’s line “Oh, it’s me!” 😉

  • Joshua Shankles

    What a cool thing for someone to have done! Love what you bring to the world ML Team.

  • Ascarion

    It’s an interestingly simple yet effective design, isn’t it? Hexagonal shape and the two “pylons” marks it alien enough.

    Non-US eligible, such as Europeans?

  • Andrew Wong

    What a great item! I’d love this and the whistle!

  • Artie Adams


  • Greg Warden

    I really love listening to this podcast every week. Thanks for doing this.

  • Antonia Giannakakos

    I was so pleased when I found this podcast. I loved listening to all the archived episodes. I’m a bit sad I have to wait each week for the next episode.

  • tdoggette

    If I win, I want my comment to not make me look like an idiot. Wait, damn–

  • Big_Onion


  • Golksom

    I am making a comment

  • Matt Batten

    Brilliant episode of supplemental!

  • David Pietila

    I may have to watch it an 8th time.

  • Brian Crandall

    I’m a bit behind but count me in!

  • Angela

    Oooh. So cool. Count me in!

  • Carsten Schmitt

    Count me in!
    I would also like to make an more general comment: I only discovered the podcast recently and am just diving in and out some of the older episodes. So far, I must say I like it a lot. There was one “Supplemental” which contained a bit of swearing on part of your interview partner. I didn’t mind, and would not have needed the “beep”, but I understand that others might be more sensitive. However, could you tone down that beep a little? I got really startled and almost thought something was wrong with my car stereo. Or was it meant to pop my ear drums instead of just covering a 4-letter-word? 😉

  • Marcus Davenport

    Close to the deadline… hope I’m still counted! Thanks for everything you do, fellas!

  • April Daly

    Oh how cool! But shouldn’t it come with a Mission Log t-shirt?

  • ungarsfragile

    Oh, it’s me!