Wink of an Eye


Wink of an Eye

Faster than you can say anything, the Enterprise is overtaken by the people of Scalos. Captain Kirk seems to have disappeared, but he’s really just living life in the ultra-fast lane. How will he get back to normal time? Find out, when we put Wink of an Eye in the Mission Log.

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  • Because, you know……….

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    I wondered if the Scalosians, when they were onboard and needed sleep, that they had to hide themselves, because even a few hours of being in one place would make them visible for a couple of vulnerable moments? And if being accelerated for any length of time meant that they were using up a tremendous amount of oxygen and food, enough to become immediately noteworthy to the life support systems? And how they managed not to burn up in the air while zipping around-
    (Sorry, thought about all of this while in an accelerated state. Not from Scalosian water, Brazillian coffee.)

  • Gene C. Fedderly

    I’m not sure how you can mention Darren McGavin without talking about Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

  • John Anderton

    When you fire a laser, it is always measured to move at the speed of light, no matter how fast you are moving, according to the laws special relativity anyway. So, Kirk’s phaser – or at least a flashlight – would have still been seen to move as fast as the speed of light.

    Not that this episode is supposed to make that much sense, but it makes you think about all this crap.