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The Next Generation:

Wolf 359 models

Production Models

A selection of models used in the Wolf 359 scenes from “The Best of Both Worlds.” Provided by Rick Sternbach.

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  • CmdrR

    YES! Didn’t win Powerball… but I get The Best of Both Worlds!!!!

  • Robert Karma

    What in the world were the odd pods on the Kyushu? It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see such a diversity of models on TNG due to budgetary restraints.

    • I think someone else said kazoo! 😉

      • Robert Karma

        The Infamous Kyushu Kazoo, feared by all in the quadrant… except the Borg.

    • Seriously though – we’ll have to ask Rick if they were a design element with a purpose or just a “hmm, this looks cool…” moment.

    • wry observer of folly

      I think they’re meant to highlight design variations. :-p

  • can’t help but think about DS9’s treatment of the various 7th, 9th fleets etc and how massive they were…just amazing really….well TNG was just getting their rhythm here I guess….

  • The Excelsior-class Melbourne @ Wolf 359 – ( as seen in DS9’s pilot episode) Its shields were quickly drained, and half its primary saucer section was blown away by the Borg cutting beam.

  • I think the 2 additional mini-warp engines seen atop of the early kitbashed prototype Melbourne just looked totally absurd, stupid, and downright ridiculous. Glad they replaced them w/ the mighty Equipment Module!