A Taste of Armageddon

Is war without the mess proper for any society? Kirk takes upon himself to decide when we put “A Taste of Armageddon” in the Mission Log.

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  • Jim Radloff

    On the cast, they mentioned it being troubling that 1-3 million people are killed every year in their war. I never caught how many people were on Eminiar VII, so I don’t know what percent of the population that is. However, 2 million is roughly the number of people who commit suicide on Earth in an average year. If their global population is comparable to our own, their own casualties would be a comparable loss.

    • The Spock Unit

      It’s nowhere near that many.

      The World Health Organisation (WHO) says “nearly a million each year”. Around 842,000 deaths by suicide were reported for 2013.

      What’s the source for your claim of 2,000,000?

  • Reese

    All these years I heard “A Non-Seven” whatever that meant– just some sci-fi-y jargon they made up. But now, re-watching on Blu-ray with CC, it’s “Anan 7.” That makes no more sense than my original hearing, ca. 1973. Well, when I listen to your ‘cap, maybe you address this.

    • We didn’t address it specifically, but I assumed the “Anan” was a play on the word “anonymous” – as an indication that the people involved in this war were simply numbers with no identity since they had given over their lives to the computers.

      • Reese

        Well that makes at least some sense. Also, Barbara Babcock’s character was “Mea 3”– a contraction of “me a”?

        (And until listening to your ‘cast, I never made the connection that she was Grace, Sergeant Esterhouse’s girlfriend. Mea 3? Definitely a ten. Maybe y’all can do “Hill Street Blues” after “Moonlighting.”)

        • I think Ken has it on the list. It’ll have to wait past Moonlighting, Kolchak and The Love Boat, though.

  • gizmochimp

    I assumed it would be discovered that the other side had died off long ago and due to a computer glitch they were still “at war” with them, killing themselves against an enemy that doesn’t even exist anymore.

  • Snap

    Archons 2: Electric Boogaloo or I Boogied on Landru’s Grave?