Power Play

It’s business as usual on the Enterprise until Troi, Data and O’Brien start taking hostages in Ten Forward. Could it be the “ghosts” of a long lost star ship crew influencing their actions? Find out when we put Power Play into the Mission Log.

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The Podcast Summit

August 17, 2016

At the 2016 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, we were proud to take to the Roddenberry Interactive Stage to present the Podcast Summit with some of our favorite friends and colleagues. The discussion ranged from distinguishing ourselves in the crowded field of Trek podcasting, the marker of success to the types of audience feedback we get. You can listen to the audio-only podcast courtesy of TrekGeeks or watch the video below from our friends at Priority One.

Thank you again to all participants: TrekGeeks, The G and T Show, TrekMovie, Women at Warp, Priority One, TrekRadio, TrekFM.


The Mission Log Glossary

August 14, 2016

themenageriepart1hd169Like Picard learning about Darmok, Mission Log listeners may need to check in from time to time to figure out what their hosts are saying. There’s lingo, there are running themes, there are in-jokes and references galore. One of our industrious listeners, Alan Simonis, put together this handy (and evolving) guide: (more…)


But first, the Tranya!

August 9, 2016

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At The Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, your Mission Log hosts along with Rod Roddenberry, Clint Howard and our host, explorer, science enthusiast and Tiki expert Jonathan Knowles, unveiled the recipes for Tranya.
First considered at Tiki Oasis, the recipes are based on the competing stories that the prop-master on “The Corbomite Maneuver” used either grapefruit or apricot juice. We present those here along with one recipe that uses both in the true spirit of IDIC.
Relive the Interplanetary Tranya Symposium and Cocktail Hour by mixing your own, then kick back while you contemplate the long history of boozy libations in science fiction.
Special thanks to our mixologists Kelly Knowles and Mark Holt.


Your Starship Collections!

July 25, 2016

We want to thank our listeners who have been sending in pictures of their Official Star Trek Starships Collection from Eaglemoss! Your support helps keep Mission Log going, and who doesn’t love Starfleet’s finest sitting on their desk? Start your subscription with the Enterprise 1701-D for only $4.95 including free shipping at here.

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The “Darmok” Glossary

July 15, 2016

Tamarian logbook

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra – A danger shared might bring two people together

Darmok and Jalad on the ocean – friendship formed

on the ocean – working/living

Temba, his arms open – give to me/take from me

Temba… at rest – Keep it

his sails unfurled – ???

Sokath, his eyes open – success or understanding

Shaka, when the walls fell – failure

Kiazi’s children, their faces wet – There’s no point in crying… it’s all over but the crying?

Kira at Bashi – tell me/inform me…

Temarc. The river Temarc. In winter – Be still/be quiet/calm down

Zinda! His face black! His eyes red! – I am angry? This is the end? Death approaches?