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Silicon Avatar

The Enterprise says “hello” to an old enemy. Or tries to say “hello.” And tries to figure out whether it is an enemy. Along to help is Dr. Kila Marr. Or is it help she is offering? She is getting to know her son, and will not let a little thing like his dying a few years ago stand in her way. Shields up for safety as we put Silicon Avatar in the Mission Log.

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Mission Log at Star Trek Las Vegas 2016!

July 28, 2016


Going to Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel & Casino? You’ll be able to find Mission Log every day, and you may even win some fantastic prizes! Stop by the Roddenberry booth to meet John & Ken, and make sure you sign up for the giveaways we’ll have on site.

  • The Landing Party
    Tuesday, August 2, 9pm–11pm
    Rio’s Masquerade Bar AND in the CriteriCon Suite!
    Have a drink at the bar, and make sure you join us in the suite for trivia and prizes!

  • Return to TOS Panel
    Wednesday, August 3, 6pm–7pm
    Roddenberry Stage.
    Hosts John Champion and Ken Ray go back to Star Trek’s roots to rank their top 10 episodes and discuss which hours held up the best over time.

  • Star Trek Match Game
    Thursday, August 4, 5:45pm–6:30pm
    Roddenberry Stage.
    Just like the ’70s TV game show: Mission Log hosts John Champion and Ken Ray will pull two contestants to match wits with our panel of six special celebrity guests. Make the most matches and win fabulous prizes!

  • Mission Log Panel “Star Trek vs Gene Roddenberry”
    Friday, August 5 (time TBA)
    Deforest Kelly Stage
    Mission Log looks back at the first 25 years of Star Trek – what were the highs and lows, and how much of Gene Roddenberry’s influence helped or hurt the story-telling? Rod Roddenberry, John Champion and Ken Ray explore the morals, meanings and messages during this live Mission Log recording. You’re part of the show too – bring your questions and comments to be used in an upcoming podcast!

  • The Interplanetary Tranya Symposium and Cocktail Hour
    Saturday, August 6, 6:15pm–7:00pm
    Roddenberry Stage
    Join us as we celebrate the libations of Star Trek and the brief history of hooch in space. Our dynamic and fun panel includes television producer and CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry; producers and hosts of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, John Champion and Ken Ray; and beyond the horizon technology explorer Jonathan Knowles. And be sure to have latinum, Federation credit, darseks, or cash on hand for the bar. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to experience for yourself the delights of the mysterious drink, Tranya—we hope you relish it as much as we do.
    Cost: Free (drinks at the bar sold separately)

  • The Podcast Summit
    Sunday, August 7, 2pm–2:45pm
    Roddenberry Stage.
    Mission Log hosts the hosts of your favorite Star Trek podcasts. This is your time to go behind the scenes, ask the questions you want answered and get the scoop on the future of Trek podcasting. Featuring the podcast personalities from your favorite shows: Trek Geeks, Women At Warp, TrekFM, Priority One and The G & T Show!

Your Starship Collections!

July 25, 2016

We want to thank our listeners who have been sending in pictures of their Official Star Trek Starships Collection from Eaglemoss! Your support helps keep Mission Log going, and who doesn’t love Starfleet’s finest sitting on their desk? Start your subscription with the Enterprise 1701-D for only $4.95 including free shipping at here.

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The “Darmok” Glossary

July 15, 2016

Tamarian logbook

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra – A danger shared might bring two people together

Darmok and Jalad on the ocean – friendship formed

on the ocean – working/living

Temba, his arms open – give to me/take from me

Temba… at rest – Keep it

his sails unfurled – ???

Sokath, his eyes open – success or understanding

Shaka, when the walls fell – failure

Kiazi’s children, their faces wet – There’s no point in crying… it’s all over but the crying?

Kira at Bashi – tell me/inform me…

Temarc. The river Temarc. In winter – Be still/be quiet/calm down

Zinda! His face black! His eyes red! – I am angry? This is the end? Death approaches?


KP on the 1701-D

April 4, 2016
Ken and John peeling potatoes

Ken and John peeling potatoes

We knew this day would come. Huge thanks to Mission Log listener David for immortalizing us doing what we do best. You can see more of David’s work on his Facebook page.


“The Predicates of Fate”

October 21, 2015

Check out “The Predicates of Fate” by V.A. Hezaran.

The Predicates of Fate“Accidentally thrown into the future by the Temporal Witness Protection Agency, a man arrives in the middle of a robot uprising. It’s a race against time to help an unlikely group of renegades against a robot army bent on taking over the galaxy. Will four strangers be able to work together to save the day, or will the robots succeed in wiping out all intelligent life from the cosmos?”

And the best news is that you can support fellow Star Trek fan Hezaran by downloading his book for only $3.00!