Is There In Truth No Beauty


Is There In Truth No Beauty

The ugliest thing almost no one has ever seen – a Medusan – is brought aboard the Enterprise. His handler is gorgeous, and not just a little nutty. Smiling Spock makes an appearance, and we know things won’t go totally smoothly as we put “Is There in Truth No Beauty” in the Mission Log.

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  • VaguelyInappropriateLibrarian

    It does seem as though the Medusans should have been able to find a way to disable the vision of humans and others working with them (without poking their eyes out, of course). Maybe some sort of hypnosis or something that could block visual stimulus from being transmitted to the brain without permanently affecting the optic nerve, etc. Even a non removable eye cover of some sort could work.
    Which begs the question, would a view of the Medusans in other spectra cause the same issue? Could Geordi look at one through his VISOR, using any of the other ranges it functions in and be okay?

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Another great podcast, and funny too – I’m getting looks from the other people on the bus when I’m l sitting there giggling to myself…
    I wondered exactly what advantage the Medusan brought to the metaphorical table in possessing Spock to navigate the ship out of the void. It wasn’t some extrasensory perception, as he was basically piloting Spock, with his senses. It wasn’t knowledge, as they didn’t know where they were and if the Medusan did, he could have just passed on that little tidbit to the crew. And it wasn’t some technical upgrade. I think he just got lucky…

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