All Our Yesterdays


All Our Yesterdays

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are trapped in the past. But different pasts! On an alien planet! But they’ve got bigger problems than that. Spock is reverting to a sort of pre-enlightenment Vulcan. All of that and the Enterprise may be destroyed by a star that’s expected to go supernova in minutes! Will everyone make it through? Find out when we put All Our Yesterdays in the Mission Log.

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  • @disqus_kaV33sqOnq:disqus – so I saw the question about the vote up and down function. But if you have a conversation going on, the fact that this shuffles the entries is a problem. This page is an example. Now my posting of Jill Ireland in color as a response to “did she wear this?” doesn’t make sense any more. I’ve answered the question before it was asked! Would this have happened if I had posted the photo as a “reply” instead of a separate entry?

    Still trying to figure out the quirks here, and what I should or shouldn’t do when posting.

    Thanks for the awesome new site! I see people are starting to populate it with content already! Cool!

    • RoddenberryEntertainment

      If you click Reply, to reply to a comment specifically, then it will keep it together like this.

  • Oh, or I can “sort by oldest” too. Interesting.

  • The Time-Portal effect as seen in the FotoNovel adaptation

  • Gene C. Fedderly

    Maybe you can only communicate or go back through the portals if you haven’t been prepared?