Did you know Data has a mom? Yeah, neither did Data. She is aboard the Enterprise, looking to share with him and make up for lost time. But the two of them have more in common than even she realizes. Also, a planet is going to blow up or stop spinning or something. Truth and truths in this week’s show, when we put Inheritance in the Mission Log.

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  • Dave Steph Taylor

    I recall this was quite a twist when I first saw it.

    Too bad we never hear from her again.

    • I thought she went back to her career of being the Federation arm wrestling champion.

  • Pete2174

    I remember watching this first time and never seeing the twist coming. Another reasonable s7 episode. After the next few I think it takes a dive until the finale.
    As an aside did Ken call himself a human orgasm or organism?!?!!

    • I think this is a rare case where I may forego re-listening for the sake of clarity…

    • Yup…the “Descent” will continue w the exception of 2-3 episodes, most of them are just turds….

  • CmdrR

    OK, I don’t usually go chasing after your commercials… but, I had to see what the Titan looks like… and I think others might like to see: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ea82218993213d8a16a28bd58d81625369088491e59797b7fe91580dd886e910.jpg

    • I miiiiiiight have to get this one…here in a couple of paydays.

    • Dave Steph Taylor

      Good looking ship

    • Konservenknilch

      Not bad actually. What’s the thingy on top?

  • Mihai Furtună

    Also, regarding that recording: When did Soong transfer her memories into the android; after her death? That would be, a) kinda creepy, and b) mean that Soong has access to some never before seen technology to recall and transfer memories from the brains of the dead. And why hasn’t he shared this technology with the rest of the galaxy before?

    • CmdrR

      Android Lincoln is leading the revolt to Kill All Humans.

      • Am I the only one, who thought about ‘WestWorld”? and the idea of sex w an android? How husband Pran would feel if this secret was revealed? Just interesting….

    • Remember that Data’s “grandpa” (from The Schizoid Man) had a nearly-flawless memory transfer procedure and claimed to have taught Soong “everything he knows”. It’s possible that, Soong being Soong, he improved on that procedure in his spare time when he wasn’t building nudist androids.

    • Seems like he and Ira Graves were holding back on a lot of breakthroughs!!

  • CmdrR

    Wasn’t an unhealthy insistence on truth the cause of all the problems in the play “The Wild Duck” —> by Henrik Ibsen —> who played Pran in this episode?
    (OK, now I’ve done my morning stretch.)

  • This episode, like so many from season 7, just escaped my memory. That was a period in my life where I had recently reached the legal drinking age and was having too much fun maybe.
    Anyway, I would like to know if I was a android. I just wouldn’t want the government to know.
    Geordi has some line about why would someone impersonate your mother. We had an episode with an alien doing this very thing to Geordi.

    • “Data, if something was going to impersonate your mother, it would probably be some kind of fire critter.”

    • great point/catch about the mother impersonation!! Ba-ZingA!

    • Seems like they ALWAYS need a disaster backdrop..sigh…

    • I find myself, recalling what was going on in my life back then too! I am now 45. There was a gap in 92/93, when I was gone for Army basic training and my sister was tasked w recording my episodes, no commercials for about 6 months!! hahaha, she hated it! It is funny too look way back and think…hmmm what was I doing? dating? working? etc…when this episode aired….

  • Gail Gerard

    So this was the conversation I had with my husband.
    Me: Oh look. It’s Vivi Dahlin’!
    Husband: Who?
    Me: Vivi..Vivi Abbott Walker, aka Vivi Dahlin from Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.
    Husband: What?
    Me: You know. The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. It’s a movie with this chick and Sandra Bullock and that guy who was in The Rockford Files.
    Husband: Oook then.

  • Olli K

    I think Soong could have put in the same thing that he used to bring Data back to him. He could have just activated the “recall” function and then updated the recording and then blanked her memory of being “recalled”.

  • New Star Trek series in 3 days! Starting to feel like a kid again.

  • MT

    I wouldn’t cut it in the 24th century. Although this photo doesn’t do it justice, Juliana’s daily up-do hairstyle consisted of 3 interconnected buns. I’d never make to work on time!

    By https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f3660e0b5caeec4fa115b6c3de42555ce3f6b9cf5bb66406566be902f5b1ae7c.jpg the way I enjoy this episode…flaws and all. Great work on the recap, morals, and messages. Am doing another rewatch to pay special attention to those flaws in Noonien Soongs holographic interaction with Data…thanks Ken… 🙂

    • Men and women are so different!! Lol, my takeaway was “Westworld”- Pran had sex w an android!!!- hahahahaha

  • CmdrR

    Congrats to Ken & John on the new gig! I guess with all the extra quatloos, you guys will be filling your homes with tiny ships and yummy mail meals. I look forward to listening to your new show… about THE new show!

  • John Anderton

    There are great TNG episodes, and bad ones. And then there are these.

    In these episodes, it is often the case that the more interesting the theme, moral or message, the duller the episode.

    Fans will love to hear about the fact his mother wanted to – well you know.

    Non-fans would love to think about if white lies to androids are moral or unmoral, but they might also point out it was handled better in Blade Runner, or Dos Ex Machina, or a million other sci fi books and media. What makes this episode even more pointless is the fact that we are supposed to believe that Data has no emotions, so what is the point at all?

    • Bilateralrope

      Would you trust a doctor who lies to their patient ?

      Because that’s what they got crusher to do here. Even if all she did was stay silent.

      paternalism vs informed consent.

  • Eowyn

    John didn’t mention Fionnula Flanagan had another important sci fi television connection. She played Eloise Hawking on Lost, mother of Daniel Faraday (who shot him), wife of Penny’s father Charles Widmore, was a member of the Others and was also associated with the Dharma Initiative’s California station The Lamp Post. Not one of the main characters but a significant member of the Lost universe.

  • Burstingfoam

    Father. Mother. Brothers. Daughter. Was there any main
    character in Star Trek for whom we saw more family members than Data?(There is one, but to maintain my point, I’m not going to say who.) Is this some sort of deliberate irony to do with his ‘created’ nature?

    And for further irony, what’s the only episode of TNG in which Data doesn’t appear?

    • To me it really highlighted how Data and Worf we’re given SOOOoooOOOoo much backstory and Geordi and Crusher sooOOOoooO little. Squeezing Geordi’s Mom, Dad and sister in one episode of no consequence was just a shame imo. Crusher being, just so ice cold when it came to a chance at something special w Picard..ugh..then how she’s ALL IN for horny ghost soon, ugh, just awful choices imo…..

  • How many other Soong androids could there be running around the federation, thinking that they’re human? He could have built dozens in his secret lair.

    • Dave Steph Taylor


  • Dave Steph Taylor

    Few more thoughts:

    So she gets seriously injured and no one lets her husband know. Then the crew has a discussion about her future and he has no input at all.

    And then in order to keep the deception going, records in Sick Bay would have to be altered.

    I hope she never has an incident and is found out in unfriendly or uncaring company. Crusher has a serious point. What if she is damaged and reawakened with her body being torn apart. At least if Data tells her they can help her deal in friendly company

  • mc900

    How about a Star Trek podcast with a touch of comedy instead of a comedy podcast with a touch of Star Trek.

    Also maybe i might seem that Lt. Jr. J has a little reputation herself.

  • Matt Bell

    How exactly would Data or anybody else reveal the truth to Juliana? She’s programmed to switch off every time something reveals her android existence! The conversation would go something like this:

    DATA: Mom, you’re an androi-
    JULIANA falls unconscious. DATA reactivates her
    DATA: Mom, you’re a androi-
    JULIANA falls unconscious. DATA reactivates her
    DATA: Mom, you’re a androi-
    JULIANA falls unconscious. DATA reactivates her
    DATA: Mom, you’re a androi-
    JULIANA falls unconscious. DATA reactivates her
    DATA: Mom, you’re a androi-
    JULIANA falls unconscious. DATA reactivates her

    and so on 😉

    • Ha! Just that for an hour… worst TNG episode ever.

  • rrr46060

    ok , here is what i never understood..
    if your building a pc from scratch (say years of work)
    and just a bit of the programing is off when you boot up ,and doesnt work right
    do you throw out the whole chassis? i.e the screen (datas head)
    the bodyand keyboard (datas arms and legs)??
    also when you throw out your slightly defective pc , do you just leave it in tack somewhere for somebody to find ( say a romulan/remem mad man)??

    just saying
    sorry this is the way i think sometimes 🙂