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Patrick Stewart’s Thoughts On Developing Picard


After a luncheon together, Patrick Stewart wrote this letter to Gene Roddenberry expressing his concerns and desires for bringing out the human qualities of Jean-Luc Picard (dated October 27th, 1988.)

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  • Well, now. That was an interesting read!

  • Well ?

    • Kinda dorky. I think he was specifically making it look bad so he wouldn’t have to go through the upkeep everyday on set.

      • nathankc

        I kind of wish they had gone with this if for no other reason being so that we could forget they made Shinzon bald…

        • lilyboosh

          I’d like to forget they made Shinzon at all..

        • mjh1984

          Shinzon shaved his head because the Remans don’t have hair. Picard has male pattern baldness with hair on the sides…Shinzon had no hair whatsoever.

      • ShaunKL

        Except that the image is a publicity still from TNG: “Violations.”

        • nathankc

          Violations is a Season 5 episode – why would a publicity still from that episode have Patrick in the Season 1 / 2 jumpsuit?

          • mormont

            It’s from a dream/flashback sequence iirc

          • nathankc

            oh yeah! it’s when he goes to check out dead jack crusher with bev

        • DJCo

          It was a dream/flashback to Picard taking Beverly to see Jack Crusher’s body.

  • Arvis Jaggamar

    This was really cool. You can see that they took a lot of his idea to heart. Shows they respected him even that early on. Can we credit Patrick Stewart with “inventing” the Phaser practice range?

  • Jeffrey W. Johnson SR.

    Pretty good read. I saw several things in here that later developed into different episodes. Like the firing range and most importantly, bring back Dr. Crusher.

  • Les Dinerstein

    Thank you for sharing, it was quite an interesting read. It gives some insight to the brilliant mind of Patrick Stewart.

  • SuriViruS

    What can I say, he was right in every point. This exchange helped Star Trek (TNG) a lot. Btw I can remember Guinan and Worf beeing at the holdodeck “shooting range”, but Picard ?

    • DJCo

      Picard and Riker are using it in the teaser of “A Matter of Honor”, the first of its two (as far as I recall) appearances.