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Patrick Stewart’s Thoughts On Developing Picard


After a luncheon together, Patrick Stewart wrote this letter to Gene Roddenberry expressing his concerns and desires for bringing out the human qualities of Jean-Luc Picard (dated October 27th, 1988.)

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  1. Pianotm says:

    Well, now. That was an interesting read!

    • Kinda dorky. I think he was specifically making it look bad so he wouldn’t have to go through the upkeep everyday on set.

      • nathankc says:

        I kind of wish they had gone with this if for no other reason being so that we could forget they made Shinzon bald…

        • lilyboosh says:

          I’d like to forget they made Shinzon at all..

        • mjh1984 says:

          Shinzon shaved his head because the Remans don’t have hair. Picard has male pattern baldness with hair on the sides…Shinzon had no hair whatsoever.

      • ShaunKL says:

        Except that the image is a publicity still from TNG: “Violations.”

  2. Arvis Jaggamar says:

    This was really cool. You can see that they took a lot of his idea to heart. Shows they respected him even that early on. Can we credit Patrick Stewart with “inventing” the Phaser practice range?

  3. Jeffrey W. Johnson SR. says:

    Pretty good read. I saw several things in here that later developed into different episodes. Like the firing range and most importantly, bring back Dr. Crusher.

  4. Les Dinerstein says:

    Thank you for sharing, it was quite an interesting read. It gives some insight to the brilliant mind of Patrick Stewart.

  5. SuriViruS says:

    What can I say, he was right in every point. This exchange helped Star Trek (TNG) a lot. Btw I can remember Guinan and Worf beeing at the holdodeck “shooting range”, but Picard ?

    • DJCo says:

      Picard and Riker are using it in the teaser of “A Matter of Honor”, the first of its two (as far as I recall) appearances.