Patterns of Force


Patterns of Force

Kirk drops in on an old history professor. He’s a kind and brilliant man, who just happens to have set himself up as the fuhrer of a new Nazi party on a distant planet. Can the Enterprise crew put right what John Gill has made wrong? Find out as we put Patterns of Force in the Mission Log.

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  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Newsflash: John Gill’s Number One Teacher coffee mug has been confiscated.

  • jayoungr .

    I don’t think the timeline is problematic at all. The actress playing Daris is 25, but let’s say the character is 21. She wouldn’t remember much before the age of 5 or so, and it’s highly unlikely that she was thinking about politics any earlier than that. So, let’s say John Gill became Fuehrer when she was 5 or 6; that would have been 15-16 years ago, when Kirk was 18-19, just the right age to be at the academy. And it would still make sense for Daris to say she “grew up” revering Gill.