Patterns of Force


Patterns of Force

Kirk drops in on an old history professor. He’s a kind and brilliant man, who just happens to have set himself up as the fuhrer of a new Nazi party on a distant planet. Can the Enterprise crew put right what John Gill has made wrong? Find out as we put Patterns of Force in the Mission Log.

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  1. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Newsflash: John Gill’s Number One Teacher coffee mug has been confiscated.

  2. jayoungr . says:

    I don’t think the timeline is problematic at all. The actress playing Daris is 25, but let’s say the character is 21. She wouldn’t remember much before the age of 5 or so, and it’s highly unlikely that she was thinking about politics any earlier than that. So, let’s say John Gill became Fuehrer when she was 5 or 6; that would have been 15-16 years ago, when Kirk was 18-19, just the right age to be at the academy. And it would still make sense for Daris to say she “grew up” revering Gill.

  3. Ronald Baugh says:

    Started following along with Next Gen a few years ago but now trying to catch up on TOS Mission Logs. And what would be real helpful is if there was some way for there to be an air date or recorded date of these past episodes. Because sure I can do the rough math and figure this was sometime in 2013 and know that this was recorded far before the unthinkable events of the present, but I just wonder when it was broadcast and how different we look at something like this in light of recent events.