The Pirates of Orion


Saturday Morning Number Nine

The Enterprise comes across some Orions – DRESSED AS ORIONS! But they are actually The Pirates of Orion. Then lizards, a god-like being and a bug eyed monster are just some of the things we tackle in Bem.

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  • You know you want one…

    • 70’s Animated


      • Pancho planet

        Bem is to Star Trek what jarjarBinks is to star wars. An alien pain in the buttocks. :p

      • Rad starbase! Never seen that design before.

    • You kidding? I still remember playing with one at a friend’s birthday party. Shocking I didn’t try to smuggle it out of there.

  • KatieN

    I know this is super delayed since it’s almost the end of TAS but I’m totally feeling the music. The ascending and descending violin is so pleasant to the ears.