The Eye of the Beholder


Saturday Morning Number Eight

Kirk, Spock and McCoy take a trip to the zoo. But the zookeepers think it’s a one-way trip for the men. See what happens in The Eye of The Beholder. Then, Kirk and Spock are on a mission both improbable and impossible. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been in The Jihad.

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  1. Akeel Ahmad says:

    jihad actually means “making an effort” not holy war as such

  2. KatieN says:

    I understand that you guys were hesitant about delving into the Islam parallels, but it shouldn’t go unnoted that this episode had some ignorant messages. You could almost delude yourself into believing this isn’t specifically about Islam, even though they use the term jihad, except their savior’s name is almost “Allah.” Then there’s the prince. What’s actually problematic, however, is the claim of “breeding quickly” to create soldiers for their holy war. If you examine the Racist’s Guide to Islam (or my uncle’s facebook page) that’s basically grievance number one. Then there’s the descriptors of being warlike and triggered to aggression with one religious incident.

    Look, I get it. The Middle East was unknown and far away and different. And I’m looking at this episode through a modern lens. BUT, this nonsense still needs to be called out because it’s propagating ignorant bs that’s still around (see: my uncle’s facebook page).