Star Trek II


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

This is it. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Seriously. What else is there to say? Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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  • Guest

    The Official Magazine left off the number 2 in the title and why is Khan considered the best Trek film ?

    • Tegan Bigone

      Best soundtrack, best uniforms, best drama, best Enterprise battle, best emotional vampire, best Star Trek cinematography, best realistic interaction among characters, best interpretation of the “Federation/Star Fleet” atmosphere, best anchoring of the Star Trek universe to the real world of earth (as Kirk would later express, “I’m from Iowa; I only WORK in space”).

      • This movie was gritty, bloody and the best of all Trek movies ever made. The soundtrack was exciting and the special effects were on point. Bummer about the Chekov and appearance of Khan’s crew inconsistency, but otherwise a perfect movie!

  • Will Wright

    Notice that number 2 is missing…..

  • ST: The Magazine cover’s the Director’s cut DVD

  • Tegan Bigone

    GREAT podcast!.
    During the discussion on terraforming and the religious undertones of making new worlds, I was reminded of a joke I once heard.

    A group of scientists said to God, “We have no need of You. We are daily learning the secrets of the universe, and it will only be a matter of time before we know how to make universes ourselves! We can do anything; we can even make a man in a test tube!”

    “Oh, My,” God replied. “That sounds impressive. But, um… can you make a man out of the dirt of the earth, like I did?”

    And bending down to scoop up some dirt of the earth, the scientists replied, “Of course we can! There is nothing that science can’t achieve! Watch this!”

    But God said, “Wait a minute. That’s MY dirt. Make your own.”

  • Ryan Peterson

    Going with Mr. Champion’s comments about James Horner’s score being “reused” in Battle Beyond the Stars, have you ever paid attention to the music in both Krull and Aliens? Definite flashes of TWOK. Not a criticism. I’m just saying.

    • Tracey Stewart

      YES! I guess I hadn’t seen either in quite a while, watched Krull a few months ago – and had extreme flashbacks all throughout TWOK. It’s not references – it’s out and out reuse. Remarkable.

  • Pancho planet

    Most definitely agree, this is #1.
    Great job Ken & John, you guys have brought out the true treky in me.
    Thank you.

  • Lauralee von Husen Albert

    Absolutely holds up, still an edge-of-your-seat thriller to this day, still love it!

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Oh, those uniforms. I love them! The colours, the design, everything! Little wonder they remained for so long, not just in the movies but in the Trek timeline.
    My own favourite detail to the story? Kirk’s complementary birthday gifts: Spock gave him a book, and McCoy gave him reading glasses!

  • Original Filming Model – designed by Joe Jennings, Mike Minor and Lee Cole, The Reliant was reused in STIV:TVH as the USS Saratoga – and again many times in Next Gen & DS9.

    • Such a great design – no wonder they kept using it over and over!