Marina Sirtis


The One with Marina Sirtis

Between seasons two and three of The Next Generation, we thought it would be a good time to check in with Marina Sirtis who played Counselor Deanna Troi. The outspoken and unfiltered Sirtis talks about the transitions in the first couple of seasons and how she managed to be the last woman standing after a tumultuous first year.

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  1. Excellent interview. Always loved the outspoken Marina Sirtis!

  2. Excellent interview. Always love the outspoken Marina Sirtis!

  3. Amy Sullivan Green says:

    Thank you so much! Great questions. I love her so much. Good job on getting the Rick Berman story.

  4. Confused says:

    Another great supplemental. Marina was the very first Star Trek star I ever saw at a convention on one of the coldest Buffalo, NY afternoons in January of 1995 (just after Generations had its run).

    Since you talked about the drunk scene, I have to ask (and paraphrase), Is this a good time to talk about the timeline (or do we need to get drunk on tequila first)? Specifically, with the premiere of DS9 looming in the podcast timeline, will you guys be pulling double duty to maintain the timeline??

    • Muthsarah says:

      I think they’ve already said they won’t be running TNG and DS9 concurrently. Something about keeping their sanity or whatever.

      And they didn’t maintain the timeline with the TOS movies and TNG. So, precedent. Which means

      *crunches some numbers*

      Assuming they’ll be treating all two-parters as one ML episode (based on Farpoint), they’ll be starting DS9 no sooner than Halloween 2017. And probably later, given supplementals like with this week. And maybe real life too.

    • Arvis Jaggamar says:

      Hmm, I was kind of hoping that they would do TNG and DS9 concurrently. Just to mix it up. I think that would even add a little context to some of the episodes in that time period.

  5. CmdrR says:

    Gotta love an attractive, witty lady who enjoys bein’ a broad. Marina has got to be at or near the top of my ‘desert island’ list… for so many reasons.

  6. deaddropsd says:

    I saw her at a Trek Con in San Diego around 92-93? she was pretty funny, posing cheesecake type at start.

  7. rocketdave says:

    I always liked Troi just fine, but listening to Marina talk, I have to say that I do wish that the character could have been more like the actress.

  8. Cygnus-X1 says:

    Great interview!

    We certainly could have had more exposition about Troi in TNG, her background and so forth, but the mystery of that character also worked. “Face of the Enemy” was definitely a stand-out episode, not just for Troi, but in general—a compelling Trek variation on the espionage thriller.

    • Arvis Jaggamar says:

      Yeah, that one really stuck with me from my childhood. A very dark, gritty, and -yes- scary episode that simultaneously spooked and thrilled me.

  9. Arvis Jaggamar says:

    Boy, she’s an opinionated one. ๐Ÿ˜€
    A joy to listen to, really. Her honesty is just… amazing. “I love talking about myself!” “I LOVED that boys of all ages had crushes on me!” It’s seems less like ego when she’s honest about her faults, too. I do have to say, though, she certainly does have a healthy ego. I’m REALLY looking forward to another interview with Marina in… 5 years or whatever.

  10. Dave Klem says:

    Just listened to this, thanks for putting it together!!
    I never knew her accent was so strong. This would be a good question for next time. I guess she had to lose it because her mom did not have an accent, yet, she still had a slight accent. It would be neat to know how this was sorted out in the end.

  11. gizmochimp says:

    So fun to listen to. Curious if either of you ever noticed that when she wasn’t the character talking she would often fidget with her hands. I always enjoyed spotting a “Troi Fidget”.

  12. Daryl Wor says:

    After over a year at least, this podcast still helps me to deal with the struggle in what’s happening to us now. The social-landscape has changed drastically. I often cared a great deal about what fun Marina Sirtis had to offer, but now this wisdom touches me very deeply, as well as the insight in your discussion with her on the topic of social networks. I’ve likely phoned you twice about this podcast, but it still rings so true. Helps me get through horrible days. Bless you so much. <3

    • Thank you, Daryl. We are so honored to have had Marina chat with us, and it was especially meaningful to have a conversation that dipped into important current topics. We hope to have her on again!

  13. David Dylan says:

    Never thought I would end up a Marina Sirtis fan now. Now I have to delete all my stupid comments.