George Takei


The One With George Takei

Some people say it’s George’s world, we’re just living in it. George Takei may be best known as Hikaru Sulu, but we were excited to tackle a range of topics from politics to human rights to public transportation and, of course, a bit of Star Trek for good measure.

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  1. nathankc says:

    I think I would have just turned into a puddle of biomimetic goo if George Takei publicly shamed me over public transportation. Ouch! (but awesome – he’s so great)

  2. Jack says:

    Sulu picks on John and misinterprets many of the questions.

    • Arvis Jaggamar says:

      He’s seems like kind of a pedantic guy, Takei. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have important things to say. 🙂

    • I don’t feel too bad about it. George is a very experienced public speaker who kind of goes into “public statement mode” when a topic comes up. I think those buttons got pushed, and he just sort of got wound up from that.

  3. Kristian Marie Kbot McKee says:

    What absolutely incredible job you guys have!!!!

  4. Arvis Jaggamar says:

    This is why I sometimes feel like humanity is still a bunch of barbarians: race is a thing. Why? Makes no sense. Hating someone (or indeed liking/loving them) based on the color of their skin is just as idiotic as basing those feelings on the color of their eyes or hair. It’s absolutely boneheaded.