The Way to Eden


The Way to Eden

The Enterprise catches a few hippies hot roddin’ in a stolen spaceship. Turns out they’re not just punks, though. They’re highly intelligent people led by one insane individual. They’re on the road to paradise, and they’re willing to kill to get there. Will the crew of the Enterprise survive? Find out when we put The Way to Eden in the Mission Log.

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  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    Like Let That be Your Last Battlefield, this is another episode of the Original Series that gets a label of ridicule, but is far better and deeper than what its surfce might suggest. And Dr Sevrin’s illness, Synthococcus Novae, which came about as a result of the “aseptic, sterilised civilisations”, sound scarily like the Superbugs of today.

    • GoodKirk

      Agree Woofie ‘We Reach’ it’s remarkable how Star Trek predicts these health issues and there are theories how overly sanitized environments cause other conditions.
      Less seriously’Wayto Eden’ is just great retro entertainment.

  • Kent Washburn

    I can’t help it, I have to post. I HATE this episode with a driving passion. I hate the idiotic songs which make it feel like a Scooby-Doo type cartoon with bad dated songs thrown in for no reason. I hate the irritating characters. I hate Spock jamming with them, and I hate the dumb music being piped throughout the ship for no reason. I hate that the Enterprise is taken over yet AGAIN!!

    And on that subject, how many times has the Enterprise been taken over? 10 times? 20? Khan does it, well, okay, he has a team of supermen with super-intellects. The “Day of the Dove” alien does it, but okay, it is a crazy powerful energy being. Bele does it, but he has superpowers, and so on, and so on.

    But these imbeciles? I know is is said they are “pretty smart people,” but sheesh. Because Chekhov says “you can run it from auxiliary control” and they can therefore master every intricacy, subroutine, presumably classified login, and plan for every emergency instantly? Like the omnipresent security cameras maybe showing them entering auxiliary control? Security guards maybe coming their way since they stick out like sore thumbs? No one noticing as they rig up their sonic knockout, or whatever it is? Come ON!!

    I hate, hate, hated this episode. It makes ‘Spock’s Brain’ look like Shakespeare by comparison. Worst episode EVER.

  • The VHS covers showed Spock rocking out by playing an instrument in both episodes :

  • John Anderton

    This is a bad episode, makes fun of hippies in the worst way, and Napier is painfully miscast. However, like a great train wreck, it is more entertaining than a boring episode like The Empath or even That Which Survives.