The Cloud Minders


The Cloud Minders

Kirk and Spock discover – then take part in – a fight between tradition and progress, between prejudice and civil rights, between the haves and have-nots. You’ll climb from the deepest depths and soar the highest heights when we put The Cloud Minders in the Mission Log.

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  1. GoodKirk says:

    If you are interested in the topics about social division touched on in this episode try the novel ‘Germinal’ by Emile Zola about a 19th century miners’ strike in 19th century France.

  2. Gene C. Fedderly says:

    You guys must have really gotten the gears about Kolchak the way you’ve turned it into a running gag. 🙂

  3. John Anderton says:

    Alas, no Nazis, cowboys, Indians, friendly natives, hippies, gangsters, ancient Romans or Greeks.

  4. KatieN says:

    I think it was interesting to look at the different approaches Spock and Kirk took in changing the minds of the cloud citizens. In typical fashion, Kirk had a more “smash and grab” approach that slapped Plasus with the reality of the situation. His method addressed the time-sensitive nature of the mission, but Kirk didn’t really do anything to uproot the deeper prejudices. Spock, on the other hand, had a meaningful conversation with Droxine that merely presented another alternative and planted the seeds of doubt. Ultimately, she is the one to seek the truth for herself and will likely be the one to lead their civilization to a more just future.

    Makes me think of the times where I’ve changed people’s minds on serious topics. It wasn’t through harsh words or melodrama but rather over a beer and respectful, friendly conversation. Heck, those are the times when my mind has been changed as well.