Balance of Terror


Balance of Terror

After over 100 years, the Romulans are back to their warrior ways. The crew of the Enterprise faces an old enemy, a seemingly unstoppable weapon and its own bigotry as put “Balance of Terror” in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Does the Romulan bridge set look familiar ? It should – as it nothing more than a re-dress of the Enterprise Observation deck seen in the previous episode

  2. Will Wright says:

    Back when the word “COLOR” meant
    an exciting night of color TV viewing on your NEW color set!
    Listings are for Fort Worth/Dallas. NBC- WBAP-Ch.5
    Thanks to DC Video for sharing this.

  3. Matthew Saxon says:

    Episode is more based on ‘The Enemy Below’ than ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ IMO. Certainly plot-wise with the two ships lying silent for hours on end waiting for the other to crack, the mutual respect developed between the two captains etc.

    Star Trek the motion picture rips off ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ majorly though. Lifts a significant plot element wholesale.

  4. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Star Trek: Enterprise had to do a whole lot of contortion to use the Romulans and somehow still keep their unseen nature canon 🙂

    • Canadian liberal says:

      Should NEVER have happened. Ditto Klingons.
      Hell the SERIES should never have happened. 🙂

  5. Canadian liberal says:

    Is this the only episode where phasers are fired by relay system? In every other episode, both before and after this one, if Kirk wants phasers fired, the helmsman or navigator does it. Button pressed, phasers fired. Simple. Period. Why the extra step or two? Very inefficient although it obviously adds to the drama.

    And during the podcast, you guys seemed to forget the groom’s name. It was Robert Tomlinson. And it was mentioned several times during the show. It’s kind of generic but certainly not THAT forgettable???
    (And later in the podcast you seemed to recall his name as if you hadn’t before???)

    OK, speaking of the groom and bride (OMG I was going to mention One Wedding and A Funeral—resist, Lou! Resist!), why is Scotty the one to walk Angela down the aisle? How close is he to her? Or is he the oldest man on the ship? IS he? If not, why him?


    • August says:

      In ep.2 (produced) they exercise phaser gun crews. Phasers actually only appear in a couple of season 1 episodes. In this episode (ep.8) we see phaser bolts instead of the familiar phaser beams. It could be that this bolt system was being tried out and that there was some necessity for it to utilize phaser crews. Later it was replaced for the more efficient system we are familiar with.

  6. Will Wright says:

    More from The History of Star Trek TOS on Consumer Home Video: THIS Episode represented TOS as part of “The Greatest Battles” VHS Collection