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The Doctor seems to be having trouble with his memory, and his suspicions about a conspiracy against him turn out to be true. Captain Janeway herself has been tampering with his files, but leaving him alone could cause him to spin completely out of control. Latent Image goes into the Mission Log.

Hosted by John Champion and Elio Lleo

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Star Trek 2022: A Year in Review

January 17, 2023

By Mission Log contributor Alan Simonis

Star Trek may be fifty-plus years old, but based on the last twelve months it’s certainly not showing its age. 2022 was a landmark year for Trek, and while it may be too soon to say whether it was the franchise’s “best year,” it was arguably the “most Trek” year. Part or all of five TV seasons delivered, each from a different series. Fifty-one episodes streamed over forty-one weeks. Somehow, both starting and ending the year with Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1. From classic characters to new favorites, for adults and kids alike, and from serious drama to surreal comedy, Star Trek seemingly had something for everyone. So to celebrate, here’s a look back at the characters, events, and everything else that made 2022 memorable (for this fan at least). (more…)


Dishin’ – Vegan Bacon

April 1, 2022

In today’s dramatic episode, John & Norm discuss the merits of vegan bacon and whether we’ve pushed the very definition of “bacon” too far. Join us for what could be the final episode of Dishin’ with John & Norm – the one with the vegan bacon.

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Production by Braden Cadenelli


A Conversation with Rod Roddenberry

June 6, 2020

Without a show this week, Rod Roddenberry joined Norman and John to speak from the heart about current social concerns. We wanted to share what we’ve been thinking and what we’ve heard from you. Hope you appreciate the conversation.

You can find out more about #TrekkiesTogether at TrekMovie.com.


Programming Note – December 28, 2017

December 26, 2017

Happy holidays to all of you from all of us at Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast!

We are off during the week of Christmas, celebrating with friends and family. We hope you all have a joyous time no matter how you ring in the season.

On December 28, we’ll present a short Q&A Supplemental featuring some of your comments and questions. Join us again on Thursday, January 4 when we resume our mission with the TNG episode Emergence. Then join us again on Tuesday, January 9 for the return of Mission Log Live for the latest discoussion of Star Trek Discovery!

Warmest wishes to everyone – and thank you again from John, Ken and Rod for all of your support!

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Mission Log Live – Watch The First Episode!

September 25, 2017

Watch the premiere episode of Mission Log Live below! Then join us every Tuesday at our Facebook page for a new live show!

Since 2012, Mission Log has dug deep into the heart of Star Trek episodes analyzing the story elements for morals, meanings and social relevance.

Starting September 26, Roddenberry Entertainment adds a show that puts fans in the captain’s chair. 48 hours after each new Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Mission Log Live” invites you to join hosts John Champion and Ken Ray to share your thoughts on the new series. What was the episode about? What were the morals, messages and meanings? How does this new series fit in to the Star Trek universe?

This time it’s your chance to dig into the series and discover what’s there!