Code of Honor


Code of Honor

The Enterprise is sent to negotiate with a lower-tech planet for a life-saving vaccine. Sounds harmless right? Wait until you see it. This week, John and Ken put Code of Honor into the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Early Season one photo of the women of TNG

  2. angelonapinhead says:

    I’m a new listener, patiently making my way through all your TNG podcasts and enjoying it! I like your comments on the ethical issues raised in each episode. Good job, guys.

  3. deaddropsd says:

    this episode always had a silly Coming to America feel to it. I would have preferred a planet that had sci fi clothing like any other, w the appropriate tech as well, and the prevalent skin color happened to be black.

  4. CupidsArt says:

    What seems odd to me is the “Prime Directive” in this one, and yes there are many things that stick out as odd choices. I may not come across well in explaining this, and maybe I missed something, but wouldn’t the Federation by accepting the Vaccine/Antidote from the lower-tech planet be altering their own civilization’s development?

    The Federation set a law in place to stop themselves from altering other civilizations or cultures with advancement. Isn’t it a bit “do as I say and not as I do” by altering the direction of an “advanced” civilization by using a vaccine from any culture/civilization that isn’t parallel?

    It makes me wonder how often the show breaks the prime directive without really “breaking” the prime directive.

    • Interesting point. I guess if the Federation is on the receiving end of some outside help, then we’re assuming some level of consent and discussion (weighing the pros and cons) before it happens. If the Federation is on the “giving” end of violating the PD, then maybe it’s looked at as a case where we may not know all of the cultural context of impact that may have. i.e. the Fed can’t make a decision FOR someone else but rather can accept risk for itself when necesary.

  5. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Oh boy… Every time I try to rewatch this, just to see how bad it is, my partner threatens to divorce me… Another spot-on analysis, gentlemen, my compliments to you both. I thought the conversation between Geordi and Data risible, but then I’ve never been a fan of those “Why do humans (insert quirky and contradictory behaviour)?” “It’s a human thing, Data, you wouldn’t understand.” conversations.
    Also, technically Yarena did die, and Lutan should have inherited everything, regardless of her being revived. He should have taken it to Judge Judy…