Coming of Age


Coming of Age

Wes is off to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exams. Making friends and facing fears are the order of the day, but does he have what it takes to succeed? Meanwhile an old friend of Picard’s is aboard the Enterprise, testing the patience of both the captain and his crew. Growing, exploring, learning… as Coming of Age goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. wry observer of folly says:

    So the psych test is room 101?

  2. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    So they really have such stringent procedures to get into Starfleet Academy? That they’d let three bright, promising young people go off and possibly pursue other careers?
    As for the difference between the oversight we see in Next Generation and the Original Series, I can’t help but think that it was because of actions of men like Kirk that this oversight came about. There’s a marked difference between the view of Kirk and Starfleet at the beginning of the show (when the likes of Kirk was seen as the sole authority and representative of the Federation, the “policeman”) to the end of it, when the galaxy appears to be getting more civilised (when Spock could say that “the wars between opposing star systems no longer prevails”).
    It does feel like Next Generation is putting aside the idea of Wagon Train to the Stars, of the frontier, in favour of a more organised, more interconnected reality. Which includes oversight.

  3. Liam McMullin says:

    Previously we’ve seen enlisted crew in Starfleet, but this episode implies that’s not a thing. Or do they have regular enlistment and it’s just so horrible that Wesley’s friend would prefer to sign up on a civilian freighter?

    The shadow John noticed on the matte painting bugs me every time I watch this one too. It pulls me right out of the moment.

  4. KatieN says:

    The insane standards for Starfleet is somewhat baffling. I think this episode would have made a lot more sense if Wesley were trying to get into some advanced program or a specific training.

    It takes a LOT of people doing a variety of things to run a fleet of star ships. I always assumed that everyone- from the head engineer to the ship’s librarian to that poor sap manning a desk at the most distant, remote outpost- had to go through Starfleet academy. There, they went through a general core and specialized training. Kind of like the army or the Foreign Service. But I guess maybe not.

    This was a little after school special but I liked it. A little sap with your life lessons make them go down easier.