Dagger of the Mind


Dagger of the Mind

Sometimes memories light the corners of the mind. Other times lights steal memories. This Mission Log finds the Enterprise running into another mad scientist wielding a “Dagger of the Mind”.

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  1. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Why do these distant prisons and asylums have force fields to begin with? They’re off the beaten track, usually only visited by Starfleet, and unless you’ve conveniently only got staff and patients or inmates who don’t have family they won’t see for years at a time, it seems unlikely.

    And of course, Van Gelder still somehow managed to escape anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Canadian liberal says:

    Two questions; well, one question, one correction.
    John said (in the podcast) that van Gelder said “right death”. The way I saw it in my many viewings, and I think it makes more sense, is that Van Gelder said Dr Adams will cayuse a “BRIGHT death” I.e. the light of the Neural Neutralizer.

    My actual question has never been solved by multiple viewings and close captions. What the hell did he call Kirk and the officers? The online research says “You smart, button-pushing brass hat.” Is that true? If so, what in the galaxy does it mean? (I am older than John by a few months—ok, A LOT OF MONTHS—and I am not familiar with that expression.)

    • August says:

      “Brass hat” refers to a high ranking military officer, referring to brass helmets that officer’s once wore.

      • Canadian liberal says:

        It DOES???
        I have never been (nor would I ever be) in the military and yet I have NEVER—I mean EVER—heard this expression other than in this episode.
        But thanks for that. To this day I was never sure of what the hell Van gelder said (brass hat? Bass hand? Daschschund?) so at least there’s that!