Day of the Dove


Day of the Dove

St. Elmo’s fire forces a fight between a ship of Klingons and the crew of the Enterprise. St. Emlmo’s fire as in a ball of lightning, not the movie from the 1980s. That would be an AMAZING episode of Star Trek. Anyway, we’re on the verge of war. But why? And what can be done? Find out when we put Day of the Dove in the Mission Log.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    Found behind the scenes pic: Getting done on the cheap…

  2. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    You made an interesting and thought provoking point in your podcast about this episode, where you questioned whether the bigoted, terrible behaviour from the characters we know and love was the result of mind control from Sparky, or whether it was dredged up from deep within their civilised psyches. I’d like to think it was mind control, but I know that’s just wishful thinking. Scratch the surface of even the 23rd Century man, and the savage will react.

  3. Youssef Hassanien says:

    Funny thing I noticed in this episode: EVERYONE in this episode has taken a turn of yelling at Kirk, just everyone, even Chekov, even a red shirt, it was pretty bad haha

  4. Youssef Hassanien says:

    Damn what an intense episode, loved every second of it!
    With the subject matter, this episode could have aired last week instead of 48 years ago. Timeless political commentary IMO.
    Great plot, great script, great acting and possibly the best Klingon-related episode on the show thus far.

  5. KatieN says:

    I love this episode. The message holds up so well. Especially now (writing in November of 2017), the call for rational dialogue above base conflict makes my eyes glaze over in dreamy wonder. In the newspaper this morning, the headline story was of an accused pedophile running for senate. A few years ago, the unanimous crowd opinion would have been: what a despicable man! Now, it’s about party or sham media or tribalism or a range of other things. Everything feels so confused and angry. Like somehow we all became infected last year and we don’t know how to see each other clearly anymore. Those who see different from me are monsters or idiots or just plain inhuman. I wish I knew what to point and laugh at to make this all go away (Putin?) but alas, it won’t be that easy.