It’s double the trouble when a Voyager duplicate appears. One is just fine, but the other is rapidly falling apart. Which one will survive? Meet the new Harry Kim, same as the old Harry Kim, when Deadlock goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    You guys are right that there are some real existential issues left undiscussed here. But given the nature of how this duplication happened, I personally feel that handing Samantha Wildman the “alternate” baby raises fewer existential issues for me than the fact that they beamed the baby already, essentially taking it apart and putting it back together to start its life. That raises big Ship of Theseus issues for me, but I’ve long ago made peace with that issue in Star Trek.

    What I really wish was brought up more (and they still could in Prodigy) is the fact that there is now a corpse of Harry Kim floating out there for anyone to find.

    • Ooh yeah – there is every possibility that another ship, some other time, runs into Harry 1 floating around out there.
      The transporter will always raise that question. Seems like we’ve all had to make peace with the suicide/duplication device that it is since they first brought it up!