Discovering “Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow”

First La’an gets dragged sideways in time, and then she and an unexpected cohort are thrown back in time.  It must be a Monday, and that means it’s time for Mission Log Live’s callers to discuss “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”.

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  1. Ultrawoman says:

    This was a good episode. For me, time travel episodes have become a trope. This one was quite good. I’m glad I watched it.
    What would I find if I visited Toronto in the real world?
    The lady who avoided watching TOS–When I was a kid TOS and later TAS was all there was. There was no internet and no podcasts as well. I watched whether I cared for the sexism or not. This lady should step out of her comfort zone and actually watch TOS & TAS!!!! I did and was glad I did!!!!