DS9 Roundtable with Norman, John, and Earl

As we wrap up our Deep Space Nine coverage, our special guest is… YOU! From character arcs to what it all means, John, Norman, and Earl have selected your questions and comments to put the whole series under the microscope.

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  1. Darryl says:

    Good episode BUT…

    When you were considering which Next Gen characters would be a good fit for DS9, how come there was no consideration for Dr. Crusher or Commander Troi? I personally prefer them on the Enterprise-D (and E) but you considered just about every regular and recurring character but not the two main female characters, and great characters at that.

    Regarding In the Pale Moonlight discussion: with all due respect, I think maaaybe we’re going a bit too deep with the thought that Captain Sisko should’ve been held accountable for his role in bringing the Romulans into the Dominion War. Key word is WAR. It was a necessary evil, like the dropping of the hydrogen bombs that ended World War 2. The Federation more than likely wouldn’t have won the war without the Romulans.

    Live Long and Prosper,

  2. NathanKC says:

    Hunt for Red October / Crimson Tide isn’t necessarily a good comparison for a couple of reasons. 1) HfRO was based on a book. 2) Crimson Tide was released in 1995, 5 years after the release of HfRO.

    But the point was ultimately well taken. Maybe a better example would have been A Bug’s Life vs Antz 🙂

    Well done all – looking forward to the next voyage