Prodigy “Let Sleeping Borg Lie”

Every Starfleet crew has been briefed on the dangers of doing battle with the Borg.  There’s just one problem: the Protostar doesn’t have a Starfleet crew.  “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Ultrawoman says:

    I have the exact same question about when they meet flesh & blood Admiral Janeway. How will she treat them?? Last week, she said, “This is now a manhunt!” toward the end.

    Episode 13–”All the World’s a Stage”
    This was excellent!!!!!!! This has so far been my all time favorite of this series!!! The Galileo shuttlecraft looked totally excellent with the lit up bussard collectors.

    Did you notice the tunic on the wall??? It has a high collar & squared shoulders. This looks more like a STRANGE NEW WORLDS tunic.
    This has a photo of Garrovick from TOS for comparison as well as the framed one in the episode.

    How did the original get to the Delta quadrant?? How did they return to the Alpha quadrant??