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Missing Hair Goods


It’s a time-honored show business tradition that actors sometimes walk away from sets with souvenirs: a favorite costume piece, a significant prop. Most of the time, the production knows about it, and the powers-that-be turn a blind eye.

In 1968, Bob Justman was more concerned that Star Trek would be renewed for a third season, and a significant part of the show would have to be replaced. It seems at least three actors had “borrowed” wigs and misplaced them which would mean costly replacement after the summer hiatus.

Special thanks to the UCLA Library Special Collections Blog for unearthing this amusing look at Trek history.

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  1. Mark Woodworth, Ph.D. says:

    Cute. Thanks for posting.

  2. Daniel Nightingale says:

    Is Pat Westmore related to Michael Westmore by any chance?

    • Joseph A Watson says:

      its his aunt. seems like a lot of their family worked on star trek as makeup or hair. not unlike saying “wouldnt be the enterprise without a sulu at the helm” not a star trek production would be complete without a westmore in the credits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. john hardison says:

    So this begs the question…what did Bill Shatner’s hair really look like back then? We know by the time “Motion Picture” came out that he got some hair plugs or had a hair piece. Did we ever see his real hair? Did he have any?

    • Arvis Jaggamar says:

      I am wondering this same thing.

    • rocketdave says:

      For what it’s worth, the only hint I’ve seen of what 60s-era Shatner might have looked like sans-toupee is a drawing by TOS sound technician Frank Oakden, which was included in Justman and Solow’s book Inside Star Trek.

    • Treadwell says:

      A clue is Kirk’s hair in The Deadly Years. They colored his real hair silver, but not the piece.

  4. Ultra Woman says:

    I remember during the third season Nurse Chapel had dark brown hair. As I recall, Majel Barrett really hated those blond wigs.