More with Mike and Denise Okuda

On this supplemental edition, John and Ken revisit The Final Frontier, revisit The Undiscovered Country, and – believe it or not – revisit This Side of Paradise. Ken was dragged to that last one. Also a bigger conversation with Mike and Denise Okuda. Who is excited? YOU ARE! For Mission Log: Supplemental 018!

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  1. deaddropsd says:

    backtracking about how the harsh reality of Starfleet corruption w Admiral Cartwright and Colonel West were revealed in VI… I appreciate Roddenberry’s vision and hope for humanity. Man leaving the Cradle of Earth setting aside petty bickering regarding religion, greed, race…it is achievable….to a certain extent. In my opinion the US is a small example of the potential we have already achieved..”general” tolerance of other races, religions, genders is progressing. But when we get further into space and meet other races, our human differences will appear that much more insignificant, but they will still be there… When Section 31 was revealed in DS9 and some books came out retconning their existence in TOS and TNG and ENT, it was a bit disappointing, but it seemed realistic. There will always need to be some who do the dirty work. The unspeakable terrible things…sad, but true..hopefully it is not to the extent of covert murder and war, but humanity should at least acknowledge, sometimes bad things have to happen to good people for more good to be I feel a bit dirty now…