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Clips Restored by Fred Walder.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    The Companion is NOT a cold blooded killer, even though, through it’s actions it is responsible for what happen to
    Hedford. The Companion is not the Misty Vampire killer we see in “Obsession.”
    She is more a like the Entity we see on “Next Gen.”, acting in her own best interest of course. Her intent was not to kill. She did kind of fulfill the dying women’s wishes at her end, because Hedford had regrets about her choice for a lack of a love life, which now she can have, even though “we” are left to question how much of the original character’s mind / soul is left intact. Perhaps the resulting NET “character” was better that the Original sum of it’s two parts, possessing a consciousness and an identity distinct from either of it’s progenitors?

  2. nathankc says:

    The guy’s mention the Drake equation and if Star Trek was prescient in using ‘millions’ when speaking of the potential for life in the galaxy. The Drake equation was apparently* created in 1961 – *